New Garden Design & Build project in Lenham, Kent

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New Garden Design & Build project in Lenham, Kent

Josh | September 30, 2012 | 0 Comments

This new Garden Design & Build project is under way.

This area is the new lower terrace (house on left of shot), the large banks that you can see on your right hand side have been excavated back to create new larger level terraces local to the house, creating a much larger sense of space within the most important area of the rear garden being most local to the house.

The new terraces are being formed in new Ivory six sides sawn Natural Sandstone, largely in 2 circular terrace formats with an adjoining central link, creating in excess of 120m2 of new terrace space for our clients to enjoy.

By cutting into the banks, structural retention is required, this is being created by new 3 tier curved drystone walling, keeping wall heights below 50cm to ensure the imposing banks are not replaced by imposing tall walls.

The nearer circular terrace wall will have a vertical wall of water, the 2nd circular terrace will be covered with a High tensile Canvas canopy to offer a  shady retreat on those really hot days.

The new planting scheme will be designed to enclose the new terraces from the winds within this high point of the landscape, thats a little way of yet so we will keep you posted. Look out for us!