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New Iroko hardwood Auto Gates and piers at Rusper

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New Iroko hardwood Auto Gates and piers at Rusper

Josh | May 4, 2012 | 0 Comments

The gates and pier caps were fitted this week to complete the hardware on this entrance configuration. The piers really look good with the weatherstuck pointing and cast stone detailed pier caps.

The automation system communicates with the house via a video phone, keypad coded access, remote control fobs and a vehicle detection loop on the inside provide not only optimum security but complete convenience.

Next week the GSM interface will be fitted, this will give our clients the ability to communicate visitors from anywhere in the world and open the gates for them if they need to, our clients will never miss a courier whilst popping down to the local supermarket.

A new postbox is fitted through the gates with secure post storage at the rear, always remember the postbox when you have new gates fitted or you will have a very sad postman!

Were give you an update when the GSM system is fitted, also we want to get some shots of the lighting system, this project will look amazing as dusk falls.