New Landscape Project in Caterham, Surrey

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New Landscape Project in Caterham, Surrey

Stuart | February 23, 2014 | 0 Comments

New Landscape Project in Caterham, Surrey

This new garden project has been created over winter 13/14.


Mandy Buckland

The Garden we found

The garden was a blank canvas, left by the developers on this new build scheme.

The garden is wrapped by higher ground to the rear and right hand side boundary, so large retaining walls surround the garden on those sides, which create an interesting open courtyard space adjacent to the house, with a 2nd tier approximately 6 feet higher which reach the boundary fences.

Large trees lean over the garden, creating shade as well, so Mandy Buckland got to work on a fantastic design, then the Oakleigh Garden Build teams got to work.

The New Garden

Tree work

The first job was to clear away the remnants of the old lawn, then our tree guys got to work reducing the overhangs of the surrounding trees to get as much light as possible into the garden.

Decked Terrace

A new Millboard decked terrace is formed in ECO Re-constituted materials, 4m x 4m, creating a large dining and relaxation terrace. This product looks amazing, and the fixings disappear into the boards, making them completely invisible. You would never thin its plastic, apart from in 10 years time when it looks as good a s new.

Feature Fireplace

The new Fireplace is fuelled by Bi-Ethanol fuel, creating not only a beautiful garden feature, but instant heat in seconds to warm the terrace during the chilly evenings.

Granite Planter Plinths

Beautiful Granite Flags, formed in a stacked format, 20cm high, create a platform to seat two linear rows of planters which frame the terrace.

Warm Planting – Lush Foliage

Mandy has planted the garden with a warming scheme, lots of foliage, trailing plants descend down the tall walls to soften the rendered faces, large Ferns, Palms, Pittasporums give an oasis of foliage and will develop to encapsulate the terrace, all bedded onto a mulched surface of rounded cobbles.

Lighting system

The Garden is illuminated by Remote Controlled LED Uplighters, recessed into the deck, together with pools of Halogen thrown up the large plants from ground from our spike mounted uplighters.

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