New Landscape project – Shenfield, Essex

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New Landscape project – Shenfield, Essex

Stuart | April 4, 2013 | 0 Comments

This rear garden landscaping project commenced this week, the site team have been preparing the site for a new lawn drainage system which once complete will be a huge lawn and garden area.

As you can see, the topsoil layer is being stripped and stockpiled to make space for the new french drainage runs which will run the entire length of the garden.

We have installed a large 2m deep soakway manhole chamber, which will collect all water from the lawn drainage system, the water will then be pumped automatically upon demand into the local drainage outlet.

it was snowing today, and the east winds this week have been very cold, however its been dry so we are thankful for that.

Look out for this project, its all ugly earthwork at the moment, but if the weather stays good this garden will start forming into a beautiful family garden within the next few weeks. we will keep you updated.

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