New Lawn at Shenfield, Essex

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New Lawn at Shenfield, Essex

Stuart | April 28, 2013 | 0 Comments

The turf is being laid this week on this project after several weeks of drainage works, soil conditioning and final preparation of all the groundwork aspects of this project.

Underneath the new lawn is a state of the art french drainage system which is a series of 5 linear drains and the entire lawn surface area being laid on a 225mm thick permeable media layer which collects all spring and stormwater form this formerly boggy site. The water is then harvested into a huge storage tank, then will be used to irrigate the new lawn through its new pop up irrigation system.

All the pipes and cables have been installed, the sprinklers have been installed prior to final topsoil preparation, therefore we aim to commssion the irrigation system as soon as the new turf is laid.

We will get some more shots of the completed lawn next week, we will also be installing a new boundary fence, the play areas, and an entire new planting scheme within the rear garden and the terraces local to the house.