New project – 3 acre lake scheme – soft-landscape phase

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New project – 3 acre lake scheme – soft-landscape phase

Stuart | March 3, 2013 | 0 Comments

This project commenced this week, the initial stages shown in the photo are completing the island planting scheme before the lake lining is installed and the filling process starts, which will prevent access to the island.

The team are installing a 1.5m deep root barrier around the rim of the island to contain all roots form the island planting, protecting the lake liner system.

The island planting scheme is designed to create a beautiful and dense habitat for the lake bird wildlfie, the scheme includes 3 large weeping willows which will reach out over the water, each willow rootball weighs 400kg so machinery access is crucial for planting of this size. Other evergreen trees are also within the scheme including Eucalyptus Gunnii grouping, Large Yew trees together with 4m high Multi stemmed silver birch.

Shrub density is being created with large Laurels, Bamboos, Photinia, Choicsia, Grasses and many more, 3 large formations of Gunera (giant ornamental rhubarb) will be stunning during the growing season.

Once planted we will install an irrigation system to provide these specimens with valuable water once the weather starts to warm up, as this isolated area will be very dry in the summer months, seems a little crazy at the moment as the teams are wading through mud and puddles to reach the island in the winter conditions. Just a reminder of how quickly the seasons can change. Look out for more blog entries, the teams will be busy planting here throughout the spring months.