New project with a water-logged garden in Shenfield, Essex

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New project with a water-logged garden in Shenfield, Essex

Josh | August 24, 2012 | 0 Comments

This new project in Shenfield is under way, the Oakleigh team have been making a start with the 1st phase of the rear garden works.

We have cleared the large overgrown rear garden of all unwanted vegetation, the old lawn and planting areas have been left to their own devices for a couple of years whilst the old house on the plot has been demolished and replaced with a fantastic new family home.

As well as being very overgrown, the rear garden is completely water-logged with no natural permeability through the clay based soil.

Phase 1 of the works has involved the main vegetation clearance down to ground level, then the entire topsoil layer has been teared open and turned over to open up the pan layer. We have then carried out a huge soil re-structuring process to improve the mechanics and permeability of the topsoil and upper subsoil layer, 35m3 of coarse sand and grit and 30m3 of recycled organic compost has been added to the soil, then been throughly blended into the existing topsoil. You can see the tractor and rotorvator in action in the picture.

Today three weeks has passed, we have carried out a systemic herbicide treatment to the entire area as the new unwanted vegetation has started to germinate, our systemic treatment will be drawn in the unwanted vegetation over the next few days then we will start to see the die-off in a couple of weeks as the herbicide is drawn into the roots of every weed.

The next phase will be to prepare the lawn area for grass, this will be done once the August heatwave is over and September starts to bring milder conditions and some rainfall, this will help the new grass establish successfully.

The garden area is currently on the drawing board so we look forward to seeing the design and how the entire scheme will develop.

Look out for this one!