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Next Oakleigh Journal

Lewis | March 26, 2015 | 0 Comments

Issue #2 of the Oakleigh Journal isn’t too far away! It would be sooner, but as the newsletter is sent out on the first Monday of the month, and as the first Monday in April is a Bank Holiday, it will be released on Monday, April 13th at midday. Lucky you!

The marketing team are quite excited about the second edition. The first Oakleigh Journal email newsletter was well-received from our recipients, and we hope to get a similar reaction this time! There’s no reason to say it won’t be, as there will some brilliant material to read and enjoy.

The debut edition’s Director’s Notes were provided by Stuart Barten; this time around they will be supplied from Stuart’s co-Director Ross Gandon, the gent who’s picture is on the left of this post! Those of you who saw the first edition may remember Ross was the feature in the Employee Spotlight. This time around, Office Manager Stuart Charlesworth will be quizzed by our marketing team. What football club does he support? What’s his professional background? What does he enjoy doing in his spare time? You’ll have to read the next edition to find out!

As always, you will be kept up to date on the latest news both within the company, as well as in our industry. In the upcoming issue, you’ll be able to read about our eco-efforts, and news about sustainable drainage systems that reached Parliament! Not only this, you’ll have our monthly Product Review to enjoy – April’s product will be our bespoke car barns – as well as our latest video.

Wait, there’s more! The personal favourite feature of the Oakleigh Manor marketing team is the top five blog posts from the month just gone. As we write so many blogs for you guys, it is difficult to choose our favourites from them all. Each post is thoroughly researched, carefully written and proofread to the letter, so it is hard for us to choose between them. But we manage to! If you’ve been reading our blogs, can you try and guess our top five favourites from March? As always, too, you’ll get a brief insight into the next Oakleigh Journal.

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