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Lewis | February 20, 2015 | 0 Comments

From Monday 2nd March, Oakleigh Manor will be proud to present an email newsletter! Despite the name still a work in-progress, the marketing team have been hard at work committing material for the small, yet concise, newsletter, which will be sent out on the first Monday of every month. It will contain a number of interesting features, such as company and industry news, so you stay in touch with both us and the industry we conduct ourselves in! You know the “programme notes” you see written from the chairman, captain or manager of a football team in match day programmes? Well, our new creation will feature something similar; every month you will have a snippet from one of the company directors! Aren’t you lucky?!

There will be the top five blog posts from the previous month, as chosen by the marketing team; it’s difficult to choose between them, they’re all so great! But we would say that. You can also see what product features on our Monthly Product Review. There’s a lot more to read and enjoy, so we won’t give too much away. But as a company we are really excited about the release of the e-publication, if you like, and would love to know what you guys think about it. This author’s personal favourite is the Employee Spotlight; every month, an employee from within the company will be summarised in very few words – it might even be able to fit into a Tweet, feasibly!

Nevertheless, it will reveal the employee’s start date, background, and their likes and hates! We like to show you the human element of our company; we aren’t hollow corporate machines that decorate the business landscape. Our first edition’s Spotlight will focus on Ross Gandon, one of the company directors. Want to know what colour work boots he can’t stand? You’ll have to get involved! To make sure you receive the first edition of our newsletter, sign up for the Oakleigh Manor Client Club on our website, or alternatively, you can click here: https://oakleighmanor.com/client-club/sign-up-form.html.