Once the Rainbow Appears: Tips on Checking the Garden After Heavy Rain

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Once the Rainbow Appears: Tips on Checking the Garden After Heavy Rain

Josh | October 1, 2013 | 0 Comments

During hot seasons, garden owners make necessary preparations to ensure their plants get enough water. On the other hand, they tend to forget about their plants during days when the downpours are heavy. They might have this impression that plants need water and it’s okay to let them stand under the grey sky. Although no one can accurately predict when the rain will fall, it’s necessary to carry out some measures to protect your garden. This may be difficult or even impossible to a certain extent, but trying will never do any harm. Other that, it’s also important to check on your plants once the rains lets up. Allow us to educate you on how to do this through the following tips.

Gauge the Damage

Survey the damage first before carrying out any specific action. If there’s minimal damage to some plants and items, it will be easier to make the necessary adjustments. Fix plants’ postures and see over the following days if they recover.

See if Some Plants Have Exposed Roots

Heavy downpours can cause erosion, especially if the plants have short roots and aren’t able to hold on to the soil well. When erosion happens, the roots of the plants are usually exposed, and their exposure to the above-ground environment can dry them. This can be dangerous for the plant. Cover the exposed roots with compost or soil as soon as possible.

Do Away with Pests

Pests like snails and slugs can eat away on your garden little by little. Remove them immediately or target their hiding places like ornamental stones, water fountains, and garden walls. Also, watch out for growing weeds.

Look for Areas with Too Much Water

Some areas in your garden can hold too much water. This is due to a problematic drainage system or unnecessary ground contours. Drain the water as soon as possible to prevent it from causing root rot. For a long term solution, invest in a systematic irrigation.

Protecting your garden from heavy downpours may be impossible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything once the rainbow appears. Follow these tips to speed up the garden’s recuperation. You may also contact us in case you can’t handle this alone.