Planting scheme is being placed at Whitstable project

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Planting scheme is being placed at Whitstable project

Stuart | January 31, 2013 | 0 Comments

We have a team on the whitstable project today implementing this new low maintenance planting scheme.

The scheme consists of largely evergreen structure, with height to screen neighbouring views provided by Photinia Red Robins, Choicia Tenatta, Mixed Pittasporums and Viburnum Tinus, Frontal colour and aroma is provided by the linear Lavender hedge, other ground cover and colour displays from Skimmia, Euphorbias, Euronymus and Hypericums.

The road frontage is divided by a Pyracantha hedge, its spikes will stop foot traffic short-cutting across the new scheme and give our new shrubs a chance to develop without traffic lines.

The teams are mulching each planting pit with organic peat free compost and slow release fertiliser to enable a good establishment and nutrient throughout the oncoming season.

Were try to get some Blog pics with the finished scheme on a nice sunny day. Look out for them.