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Portfolio: More Information

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Portfolio: More Information

Lewis | March 2, 2015 | 0 Comments

As a marketing administrator for a company that conduct their business in a very visual domain, it can be very difficult to paint a picture with just a few words! This is why we have both Pinterest and Instagram accounts! But we understand not everyone has those social media networks. So if this is you, and you are interested in seeing some of the finished articles of recent projects, please visit our Portfolio page.

There you will have a large number of just some of our work, each one unique, each one produced by professionals. There is a large range of projects featured on our Portfolio as you will see; this shows the number of different services we offer as a company, fulfilling any landscaping need you may have. Some of these projects are the brainchildren of our fantastic design team, others have been the result of the ingenuity our in-house landscaping teams. Either way, we think you’ll agree that for bespoke projects, you do not have to look further than Oakleigh Manor!

This author’s favourite project? The contemporary Kentish-style barn garden; its featured on the first page of the Portfolio webpage, and it is simply stunning! I knew our lead landscape architect Rupert Davis was good, but he never ceases to amaze! It really does take a serious level of creativity to envisage this, as well as a realistic approach to ensure its feasible. Striking that balance could not be more important; this is supported by the fact that this project was featured on Grand Designs! Check it out and so much more on the Portfolio link above.

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