Project at Epping Forest – Time for Foliage & Flower

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Project at Epping Forest – Time for Foliage & Flower

Josh | October 9, 2012 | 1 Comments

The new hardscaping is now complete with the exception of sealing the new Sandstone flags, earlier this week the team filled all the beds with deep topsoil layers and conditioned the soil with compost and slow release fertilisers.

Today, we are introducing the new planting scheme, the north facing aspect brings the challenges of planting in the shade, however we have designed a scheme to produce lots of large lush foliage together with as much flowering as possible.

Our scheme has lots of interesting foliage together with flowering throughout the year, Hellebors for late winter into early spring, Aliums with then take over in May, Digitalis of many varieties will be flowering early summer, then the Hosta’s, Aquiliegea, Anenomies & Lilium will create summer and early autumn colour.

Not to mention the flowering periods from the vast array of evergreens at varying times throughout the year.

The planting scheme should be complete this week, the team will then apply a surface mulch of bark chippings to suppress weed growth early next year and aid moisture retention.

Next week, the Lighting system is being installed, a remote controlled 2 mood system including Low energy LED uplighting on the house walls and to the planting scheme together with a moonlight effect from Metal Halide floods that will wash the terraces with silvery light.

We will get some more shots once the lighting is complete and the scheme starts developing. Cant wait!!