Project Review: Loughton, Essex

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Project Review: Loughton, Essex

Lewis | May 6, 2015 | 0 Comments

Some of you may have caught a video we had scheduled for release on social media last night. It revealed a large landscaping project we carried out in Loughton in Essex a year ago. Unlike some projects, this one wasn’t just limited to one or two of our services; a number of them were utilised by our client and seeing the finished article, no doubt they were ecstatic with the outcome! The services they required were landscape build, horticultural services, artificial grass, swimming pool installation…they even asked for an outdoor fireplace and Oakleigh Manor obliged! Working with Mandy Buckland, the designer of this stunning garden, the finished article is something to behold.

Therefore, as this particular project was finished some time ago, this isn’t your typical project update, despite the tag put on this blog post. But who is going to begrudge us blogging about a job we are particularly proud of?!

Let’s start with the stand-out feature of this garden: the outdoor fireplace. Despite also installing a swimming pool at this property, I doubt no one can deny the beauty of the feature you can see above. Just imagine talking with friends and family on the patio until the early Summer hours, keeping warm by the fire. It sounds pretty perfect, to me!

This wider-shot image gives you an idea of the size of this garden. You can see the artificial grass one of our in-house teams expertly installed; it looks like it grew naturally. Mandy Buckland, the designer of this garden, must be proud of her efforts. We are sure she has designed some incredible gardens during her career, but in my humble opinion, this one must be near the top!

These Cantilever steps just add so much to this garden, which is incredible when there is only five of them, utilised in such a simple design. Here at Oakleigh Manor we pride ourselves on different and bespoke ideas. Each of our gardens are unique in their own way and Mandy’s idea of these steps, along with the requirements of the client truly carry our own ethos further forward.

Finally, here is an image of the garden taken from higher ground. The swimming pool we installed is visible, making this garden a perfect place for activities as well as visual enjoyment. We aim to design and create gardens of this calibre every minute of every day. To show you what we mean, visit our Portfolio page on the website.

There’s more to us than just landscaping.