Project Update 3: OMHS at the Thames Barrier

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Project Update 3: OMHS at the Thames Barrier

Lewis | July 21, 2015 | 0 Comments

It’s been a while since we brought you a project update relating to the grounds maintenance works Oakleigh Manor Horticultural Services are carrying out at the Thames Barrier Complex in conjunction with the Environment Agency. In fact, this is the first one since the middle of May! So for that, we do apologise! As you can probably guess, we have been very busy this year, so fitting it all in can be testing at times. However, our marketing team has found themselves a little time to talk to the teams on site and relay that information to you, with awesome imagery to boot, as always! So scroll down to keep in touch with David Reade and his expert maintenance teams…

We have been working all over the Thames Barrier Complex and its associated sites recently, as per our contracted agreement with the Environment Agency. In the image to your left you can see one of our in-house teams pruning the shrubbery surrounding one of the public car parks on the South Bank side of the Barrier. As far as this observer is concerned, the Environment Agency rightly want to enforce the fact that the Thames Barrier Complex is a nice place to visit – it is a famous landmark of London, after all – as well as to relax. A good way to promote this on a first impression is to make the surrounding areas to pristine, well-ordered and efficiently looked after. Therefore, they made a great decision in choosing Oakleigh Manor Horticultural Services to carry out these works!

But I digress; the pruning seen in the image in question is just a small part of the works. We have been grass cutting, both manually and using our McMurtry radio control slope mower, spraying certain areas that are being affected by weeds, general grounds maintenance…everything we are doing is only enhancing the appeal of the Thames Barrier Complex. If you are in the area, I do implore you to pay it a visit; it is a lovely place for a picnic on a sunny day, with an awesome view of the Central London skyline, too!

One of the ultimate goals of any garden or grounds maintenance, whether it be for domestic or commercial purposes, is to simply to create a beautiful external space. That is what we are striving, and thus far succeeding, in doing at the Thames Barrier Complex.

There’ll be another blog post for it soon, I promise! We have suffered from a technical issue with our transfer of photography from the site, but we are working hard to amend it before the next blog post is out. Keep your eyes peeled on Facebook and Twitter; this is the first port of call to find our blog posts!