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Project Update: Gosmere Gate Installation in Hertfordshire

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Project Update: Gosmere Gate Installation in Hertfordshire

Lewis | April 29, 2015 | 0 Comments

As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, here at Oakleigh Manor, there’s more to us than just landscaping. We have a huge range of services on offer to our clients, meaning whatever your needs, we can satisfy them all from under our own roof, without the need of subcontracting to an unproven installer. Our ethos revolves entirely around quality and to be sure of that, everything we do is done in-house.

One of our most popular services by way of the number of enquiries we receive is that of automated and electric gate installation. Oakleigh Manor have a large number of gates within our own collection; we have designed each and every one ourselves and they are all handcrafted to order by our Garden Joinery branch of the company. You can see the entirety of our gate collection on our designated webpage for Automated and Electric Gates under the ‘Services’ tab on our website.

As the title of this blog post suggests, we have recently installed a Gosmere gate in Hertfordshire. The Gosmere’s design pays homage to a classic field gate design and is one of our most sought-after gates. It’s easy to see why: it is a simply beautiful and elegant gate. The neighbours of our client who have recently had the gate installed will be envious, I’m sure! It is a personal favourite of both of the Oakleigh Manor Directors; I’m also pretty sure that the Oakleigh Manor Garden Joinery Director Dan Weir likes it, too!

Talking of Dan Weir, here he is chiseling out the cross brace for the Gosmere gate in question. I met with Dan only yesterday to discuss a gate brochure and I am currently creating and he said although he is always busy as each gate is made to order, it is something he truly loves doing. It must be a case of enjoying something you are an expert at!

From the workshop to being fitted for the client! The Gosmere gate is handcrafted predominantly using mortice and tenon joints; a technique used by woodworkers for thousands of years. If something stands the test of time like this, it is pretty clear that it works! Despite the dominance of mortice and tenon joints, the horizontal rails run through the verticals from end-to-end. I can only begin to imagine the amount of work that goes into that!

Now that these gates are installed and ready for use, a little appreciation can be given to the engraving Dan has done for this client. It is an optional extra with all wooden Oakleigh Manor gates, where you can have your house name, number, surname, anything you wish, really! You may even like a fleur-de-lis engraved on your gate! Trust me, Dan can do it; in a recent garden room project, Dan engraved just that on the locking handle and it looked excellent!

I hope you enjoyed this article. We try and bring you regular blog posts on project updates, so you can stay in touch with our contemporary works. What do you think of this latest effort from us? Leave a comment in the section below.