Project Update: Hard and Soft Landscaping near Ashford, Kent

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Project Update: Hard and Soft Landscaping near Ashford, Kent

Lewis | March 24, 2015 | 0 Comments

Since the start of March, Oakleigh Manor have been carrying out a project for a client near Ashford, in Kent. The project involved, first of all, a hard landscape design and build was carried out by one of our in-house teams. Then, another in-house team, this time from our Oakleigh Manor Horticultural Services company, came in to put the finishing touches to the job.

It was a very exciting project for us to complete; read on for images and descriptions of our work on this project:

First of all, our hard landscaping team came in to dig up the garden, messy work! But not a problem for us, as this part of the project was completed quickly and efficiently.

Once they finished the above, our team started to build the brick outline for the patio the client requested and our design team created for approval, with outstanding results.

It wasn’t long for this to be completed, with this picture being taken in the process of completion. The speed of which our team can work, without compromising our expert landscaping abilities, it outlined by the photograph below.

It wasn’t long before this photograph was sent to our marketing team, who were particularly surprised by the small amount of time it took our landscapers to brilliantly lay this patio! But wait, there’s more…

The patio leads round to this stunning, bespoke garden structure. The beauty of this garden can be more appreciated when the lawn is laid and when one of our horticultural teams can begin planting. But that is only a few moments away!

With the lawn now installed, the garden is nothing like it was only a week or two ago. With the hard landscaping done, it was time for Oakleigh Manor Horticultural Services to add a bit of finesse.

They are planting some lovely flowers and plants around the outside, to really give this garden a bit of life. It is hard to think this garden was turned around in such a short space of time. It is possible for this to be done, but quality and professionalism may be lowered. Not with Oakleigh Manor! Products and services of the highest quality is the norm for us, and professionalism is also a central part of our company ethos.

Here you can see our Horticultural Director David Reade planting in the area above. All of these plants are chosen specifically for every individual client and every individual garden. David himself, something you can see in a recent blog post focusing on him which you can read here, is very passionate about planting schemes and horticulture as a whole, something he installs into all of his in-house teams.

The final photo of this blog for you, guys! The garden here is very close to completion, but David as you can see is still working hard.

This is just an example of what Oakleigh Manor can do. Every garden is different, and every client is different. As such, each garden we design, build and plant is unique. We specialise in bespoke projects, some of which you can view on our Portfolio page on our website. Just think of what Oakleigh Manor can do for you!