Project Update: Landscaping in Folkestone, Kent

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Project Update: Landscaping in Folkestone, Kent

Lewis | September 30, 2015 | 0 Comments

Oakleigh Manor are one of the UK’s leading companies in the landscape design and build industries. It is easy to see why when you look at our Portfolio, which is only the tip of the iceberg with regards to our capabilities. The clients lucky enough to receive our works in this particular project update are no doubt clued up on what we are capable of; this is one of our biggest projects of the year, featuring elements of a number of our services on top of Landscaping, including Garden Design, Bespoke Garden Joinery, Garden Lighting, Irrigation and Automated and Electric Gates. The breakdown even includes the installation of a play area, complete with sunken trampoline!

However, my personal favourite is the outdoor fireplace! There is a lot of bespoke features in this project that not only does Oakleigh Manor thrive upon and specialise in, but also that have helped make Oakleigh Manor the prestige brand that it is today, almost 20 years since being founded by Stuart Barten.

So let’s delve in; talking of the fireplace…

I know it may be difficult to envisage before the build project is complete, but take it from someone who has seen the design drawings: this is going to look fantastic! An outdoor fireplace on the terrace is a totally new take on outdoor heating. Personally, when this is finished and the project included within our Portfolio, I believe we will gain a few enquiries for more bespoke features such as this! This surround will be designed as a reclaimed Victorian-style surround, with appropriate fixings. I hope to bring you another project update with these details visible.

Here’s the terrace a bit further along the line. You may recognise the paving from another job we conducted in Warlingham, Surrey recently. I think you will agree the sandstone finish will complement its surroundings beautifully. Sawn sandstone, and Raj Green in particular, has become a feature of our works in recent projects. Of course, this isn’t planned; our landscape design and build projects are uniquely fitted to our clients and their requirements. So it has happened by accident in a way! It must be a new fashion trend…

The last photo I will bring you: a lovely sandstone pathway on the side of the house. There is a lot more to do on this project, but we work in our own particular way with each unique job within a single multi-service project staggered for efficiency and the minimise cost to the client.

Well there you go! Short, but very, very sweet. Keep your eyes open for the next project update from this job…

Oakleigh Manor Limited are a multi-disciplinary company specialising in providing all outdoor needs under one roof, for all size and styles of external spaces. Our expertise has led us to numerous national awards, but what fuels us every day is the ethos we adopt: to create unique, bespoke projects. You can see perfect examples of these by looking at our Driveways webpage.