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Project Update: Landscaping in Sevenoaks, Kent

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Project Update: Landscaping in Sevenoaks, Kent

Lewis | October 21, 2015 | 0 Comments

For those of you who receive our monthly e-newseltter in the Oakleigh Journal on the first Monday of every month, you may be familiar with the fact that we currently have two of our largest landscaping projects of the year underway simultaneously. One of them is in Folkestone and we will bring you the second project update from there tomorrow. However, the other is in Sevenoaks, a beautiful part of the country in the West of Kent. As I said, it is a large job; the client has decided to take advantage of the number of services we have.

They say it pays to be focused in business, but here at Oakleigh Manor we believe that cliche doesn’t apply to companies that are truly diverse, such as us. Of course, if you run two operations, such as a butchers and a garden centre under the same roof, the saying would apply. But at Oakleigh Manor, we cover all outdoor needs and we have developed our expertise in each and every one of our services over the last three decades. I believe this is what persuaded the client in question to go with us for their bespoke works.

In a nutshell, this project in Sevenoaks involves a total overhaul of the client’s rear garden and front driveway areas. Our Garden Design and Landscape Construction teams were needed for various groundworks, as well as the installation of a riven Raj Green sandstone pathway along the side of the property and in various areas of the rear garden and all designs therein.


Of course, this is all a work in progress, but I think you can agree this sandstone is beautiful! However, it doesn’t end there. The front Driveway area has been worked on simultaneously. Before it was block paving, but a grave drive and footpath is being installed. The driveway was excavated to a depth of 235mm – the footpath to 135mm – and Type 1 was installed over the top of a geotextile anti-weed membrane. However for me, the eye-catching detail are the granite setts, installed in a strip abutting the public footpath outside the client’s home. This rumble strip gives the great first impression:


Oakleigh Manor Horticultural Services and their expertise were utilised, too. Working in conjunction with our landscaping team on site, one of their Garden Maintenance teams helped with the removal of certain trees on the site, including a large Spruce. This makes way for a new plating scheme, designed by our very own David Reade. OMHS also helped install a new lawn. Unlike our Artificial Grass, natural lawn was laid, upon a 10mm deep fine layer of Premium graded loam, with slow-released fertiliser spread across before installation.


As you can see in the photo above, screens for a new fence have been installed, with repairs to the fencing also being carried out. The screens are made of Western Red Cedar, by Daniel Weir and his team over in Oakleigh Manor’s Garden Joinery department, who are also in the process of building a stunning Oak Framed Garden Room.


We cannot wait to bring you this garden in our Portfolio when it is finished; it is going to look incredible! But still, what you have read above isn’t the limit of our works. We are also renovating the client’s Swimming Pool, constructing a softwood retaining wall, installing a pond, installing one of our Garden Lighting systems to the Garden Room, ensuring the Pool is equipping with a heating option, installing a drop kerb and implementing an Irrigation System

*Deep breath*

So there you have it! Possibly the longest Project Update blog of all time! If not, it is definitely the first blog post of its kind to feature this many of our services. Click on the links above to visit each individual webpage.




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