Project Update – Landscaping – Iwade, Sittingbourne

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Project Update – Landscaping – Iwade, Sittingbourne

Rhiannon Field | November 24, 2016 | 0 Comments

The teams here at Oakleigh Manor have been working very hard since our previous blog at the end of October outlining the commencement of this landscape design and build project. The project is currently at its half-way point with a completion deadline of just before Christmas. The overall contours and shape of the garden can be visualised from the photographs below.

Here is a quick update as to what the teams have been up to:

Landscaping Team

  • The Landscaping Team have been busy with the groundworks and installing the Raj Green Sandstone paving around the property. Under the willow tree the concrete structure has been installed for the rill.

Planting Team

  • The Planting Team are have commenced on site this week. They have begun planting a few areas around the property and next week they will be starting to plant the Pleached Photinia ‘Red Robin’ trees!

Electrical Team

  • The Electrical Team have commenced on site the past few days with the installation of the cables for the outdoor lighting scheme.

Joinery Team

  • The Joinery Team have fabricated all of the elements in the workshop including the benches, planter and two pergolas. The Joinery Team have been on site the past few days, making preparation for the pergolas to be installed in the near future.

Please look out for our blog on the finished project just before Christmas. We cannot wait to see the end transformation!