Project Update: Landscaping Project near Ashford, Kent

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Project Update: Landscaping Project near Ashford, Kent

Lewis | March 17, 2015 | 0 Comments

The colder and wetter weather is just starting to leave us, as we enter Spring. But that doesn’t mean to say it still hasn’t been a bit chilly, or a little soggy underfoot! That hasn’t slowed down one of our in-house teams, though, as they have been working hard on a garden landscaping project near Ashford, in Kent.

As you can see from the images above, the ground wasn’t at it’s driest, despite the brief glimpses of sunshine which enabled the taking of these photos! Either way, our team kept working on what promised to be an exciting project. The image above on the left features one of our hard landscapers taking a well-earned breather, because the speed at which this particular project moved is enough to knock the stuffing out of anyone!

Because, just a couple of days later, brickwork was being laid, and the mound of earth excavated is being dispersed into different sections of the landscaping process, whether it be to fill voids or be taken away by us to our site headquarters to be sorted and classified. Aren’t we good?!

Our teams are really earning their wages! Just a few days after the above, the brickwork was finished, the majority of the paving was laid, and the construction of an outdoor structure was started. You just get the impression when the temperamental weather patterns of Spring finally bid us farewell for another year, and when Summer comes, this lucky client will be enjoying numerous hours with friends and family in what promises to be a beautiful garden.

The job isn’t just finished yet, we’re just adding the finishing touches! But when it is completed, we will bring you the finished article right here, on the Oakleigh Manor blog. So stay in touch!

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