Project Update: Swimming Pool in Brentwood, Essex

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Project Update: Swimming Pool in Brentwood, Essex

Lewis | April 21, 2015 | 0 Comments

Here at Oakleigh Manor, there’s more to us than just landscaping…

Nothing could be more true! The fact that we are multi-disciplinary specialists in bespoke projects is very evident here. As much as we love designing and building unique landscapes for our clients, we equally love projects relating to garden maintenance, joinery, lighting, automated gates, resin gravel surfacing and garden lighting. This is only naming a few of our services; you can see them all in their glory on our website. Therefore, the short list I have just given you isn’t extensive in any sense. For one, our swimming pool design and construction service was missing.

But here it is now! There’s only a few photos for you, as our in-house team on the site in Brentwood, Essex have been incredibly busy, but I feel they outline our passion for all of the elements Oakleigh Manor has to offer.

Let me tell you; this is not light work! When our in-house teams get back to the office after constructing a swimming pool with a concrete shell, they desperately need a sit-down! Nonetheless, whilst they deserve a rest at the end of a long day, their efforts during it are fantastic. The concrete shell that you can see constructed above was formed on site. To make sure the structure is waterproof and impermeable, reinforced waterproof concrete is used that has a thickness of 300mm – I am so glad I am just writing about it as opposed to fitting it, let me tell you! This concrete is used to form both the floor and the walls of the swimming pool shell.

It may be easy to look at these photos and just assume that it is just heavy work. However, with the careful design process and procedures we take, then it is anything but! We also incorporate three waterproofing safeguards in the construction of every one of our swimming pools.

  • a SILKA waterproof concrete system is the first;
  • a render layer using ARDEX technology is the second; and,
  • an ARDEX waterproof tiling process is the third.

As you can see, these waterproof tiles have just started to be set on the swimming pool concrete shell. These tiles can be placed on a concrete shell if any shape or size you may require. The swimming pool designers here at Oakleigh Manor can create it for you using your desires. However, if a concrete shell doesn’t suit you or your garden, then we can also create the shell using fibre glass or UPVC liners.

Any questions? You can always visit our designated webpage on our website for swimming pool design and construction and read more about it. The images above may not be the most aesthetically-pleased just yet, but trust me: when this project is completed in the very near future, this will look stunning! We will try to bring you images of the finished article, so keep a close eye on our regular blog posts here at Oakleigh Manor!