Rogue Landscapers: The Scourge of Genuine Horticulturalists

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Rogue Landscapers: The Scourge of Genuine Horticulturalists

Lewis | February 11, 2015 | 0 Comments

We’ve all heard of these so-called “cowboy builders”; these pseudo-labourers who cut corners for the name of profit, with no prior thought of their customer. They may be giving the building and bricklaying industries a bad reputation, and ipso facto, the same for those in said industries who are honest, fair workers. However, it isn’t only here where trading conmen are at large.

“Cowboy gardeners” is a term used for rogue landscapers who are in the same mould as the cowboy builders above. This is a shame, as it can spread distrust through the network channel between consumer and industry. A very interesting online article from The Guardian, which you can read here, which describes the potential of this exploitation. It’s a very interesting article penned by Bunny Guinness, a chartered landscape architect, journalist and a six-time gold medallist at the Chelsea Flower Show and we implore you to give it a read.

It can be very tempting for cash-strapped consumers in the current economical climate to opt for the cheapest quote or deal that they can find. But please remember: with lower cost often comes lower quality, care, service and product. On the other hand, remember also that landscaping, in comparison to others, is considered a luxury industry; as a result, if a price seems too good to be true, then it probably isn’t in terms of the finished outcome you will receive. It will, in actual fact, be a dream checklist of landscaping industry “don’ts”.

Here at Oakleigh Manor, we are a thoroughly professional horticultural services company, with the design and build capabilities to suit any project in a bespoke, unique manner. It is a travesty that some people try to take advantage of consumers in our industry. It can be very difficult to trust certain organisations nowadays, due to the number of stories regarding con-artists and the ilk being broadcast in different journalistic mediums on a near-daily basis. We are a company with a high standard of work, a great reputation and a code of ethics that we abide by to the letter; trusting us isn’t going to be a matter of concern. Bunny Guinness in her aforementioned article sums our stance up brilliantly:

“You want a good job done and a happy contractor you can use again. When you look back at it in five years, you don’t want to think: “If only I’d spent a bit more, I wouldn’t have to replace it now.”

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