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Safety Features of Oakleigh Manor’s Automated Gates

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Safety Features of Oakleigh Manor’s Automated Gates

Lewis | March 19, 2015 | 0 Comments

We have numerous services at Oakleigh Manor. Our expertise stretches into a number of different services that I’ve had to write them all down so I do not forget! One of them is the installation of automated and electric gates. We have a wide range of bespoke gates in the Oakleigh Manor gate collection; you can view them all by clicking here. However, this blog article is focusing on the safety features that can be included in our service. Automated and electric gates, to quote parents all over the UK when referring to something their children shouldn’t be doing, “are not toys”; they are designed to carry out a function, and need to be given one’s fullest attention when they are in motion.

With that in mind, we will run through a number of the different safety features we can install along with the gate itself to ensure the safety of those using the gate, as well as your property, such as your car. We don’t want scratched paintwork now, do we?! But with our expertise and experience regarding the installation of both automated gates and their safety features, you have total peace of mind when you come to Oakleigh Manor. If you feel that there are people at risk, we can aid and abet, as with us, safety comes first. So onwards and upwards…

Pair of Photocells (Closing Phase) 

  • Fitted as standard, this is the first of our safety features. Ingeniously, these photocells create a beam between them, that goes across the entrance of your gate. If this beam is broken, i.e. if something travels through it and “breaks” the beam, the photocells will stop the gates from closing whilst trafficking the opening.

Pair of Photocells (Opening Phase)

  • This is an additional safety option, and works in the same vein as above. However – you guessed it – if the beam is broken in this case, the gates will stop from opening.

Emergency Stop Button

  • The button is fitted as standard, too. Like the name suggests, it is for emergencies, but it is always good to know it is there. They are normally fitted on the rear side of the gate, but it can be fitted to your convenience, and will stop gate movement immediately during any movement, opening or closing.

Anti-Crush Safety Edges (Closing Phase)

  • This is another additional safety option, and can be fitted at any potential crush points within your gate movement. They work very similarly to lift doors; when meeting any pressure at all, the gates will stop moving immediately. They comply with safety regulations, so you know you will not come to harm.

Flashing Light

  • A safety feature that appeals to the sensory nature of us as human beings is only logical! As an additional safety feature, the light will illuminate for a few seconds before every gate movement, giving a visual warning to those around.

So there you have it! Some great safety features that are available to you; some come as standard, but if you want a further feeling of peace of mind, some can be added to your requirements. Thanks for reading this blog article, we hope you enjoyed it.

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