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Expert Driveway Design in Essex

Essex is characterised by its long meandering coast, the bracing winds that buffet it from the North Sea and its rich historical legacy. The county has been saved from unfettered urban sprawl by the Metropolitan Green Belt and subsequently, exhibits an enduring charm that makes it a preferred location for those seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of the capital. Homes here run the gamut, with large well-landscaped properties a commonplace. Likewise, driveways in Essex are often long and commanding and play an integral role in the presentation of the house.

Driveways in Essex: More Than a Slab of Concrete

There are few places in England where driveways play a more important landscaping role than they do here. When residents need to redesign, refurbish or re-imagine their driveways they call Oakleigh Manor. We understand a driveway is more than a slab of concrete or a layer of asphalt. Whether overtly or covertly it’s the vehicle by which most of your guests will formulate their first impressions of your property. It needs to be done right.

Discover the Oakleigh Manor Difference

There are driveways and then there are Driveways. The first is the aforementioned slab of concrete or haphazardly installed layer of asphalt. The other is a nexus that activates the surrounding landscape, draws attention to the strengths of the house design and fulfils all its functional responsibilities in a discreet and effortless fashion. If you want a driveway that’s going to add long-lasting value to your Essex property, you want to talk to the team at Oakleigh Manor. We will craft a driveway for you that’s compelling, easy to maintain, and more affordable than you imagine.

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Widespread uncertainty caused many homeowners to delay capital improvement projects over the past 2 years. Now that things are starting to return to something like normal again, it’s time to look out the window and ask how you can upgrade the home that’s been so good to you during difficult times.

A new driveway from Oakleigh Manor will add significant kerb appeal to your property, provide a handsome ROI and ensure that you have a safe and reliable pathway between home and road for years to come. Get in touch with Oakleigh today by giving us a call on 0800 023 1310. If you’d like an estimate on a new driveway just provide us with the area involved and your preferred material.