SUDs (Sustainable urban drainage systems) at Oakleigh Manor

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SUDs (Sustainable urban drainage systems) at Oakleigh Manor

Stuart | October 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

Drainage design and sustainable drainage systems from Oakleigh Manor

The Environment Agency and planners heavily promote the concepts of source control and sustainable drainage.

In 2007, the goverment brought into planning law, any new driveway surface or front garden paved surface has to be paved with a Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) surface.

Oakleigh Manor’s range of surfaces include our Resin Bound Gravel system, laid onto porous asphalt bases and sub-bases, also we use Porous pavior systems, see the Porous Tegula Setts in the photo below:

All our SUDs systems help the environment on the following way:

  • Minimise pollution
  • Control flooding
  • Recharge groundwater
  • Achieve greenfield run-off flows
  • Provide public amenity
  • Enhance a development’s environmental aspects.

To help you, Oakleigh Manor offers expertise in drainage, landscaping, ecology and soil investigation.

Our service includes reviewing the existing hydrological and hydrogeological situation; obtaining Section 104 and EA approvals; and carrying out environmental impact assessments.

We help to take projects from conceptual design through to detailed design and technical approval with

  • Preliminary or scoping studies
  • Determinations of what information is already available on flood risk and drainage issues
  • Determinations of geotechnical and ecological features
  • Site-specific sustainable drainage solutions
  • Operational management advice on the long-term management of any SuDS
  • Design and construction of reed-bed treatment solutions.