Swimming in Savings: Making Your Pool More Energy-Efficient

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Swimming in Savings: Making Your Pool More Energy-Efficient

Admin | June 27, 2019 | 0 Comments

The National Price Hike is in full effect, with some of us feeling the heat in the form of higher electricity, water, and cable bills.  What’s worse is that there have been talks of another energy price increase in the UK in the coming months. If you want to lower your energy consumption to prepare for the possible increase, look no further than your pool. Problems like fast evaporation, old heat pumps, and inefficient lighting may be causing your bills to spike. Here’s how you can deal with them.


Cover it When it is Not in Use

Your pump and filtration system are the biggest consumers of electricity in your swimming pool. They constantly work to maintain the same water level in your pool despite evaporation. Evaporation happens when heated water molecules escape into the air as vapour. This is intensified further by the presence of wind. As such, cutting off your pool’s exposure to air may lessen evaporation and keep your pool’s water level stable for longer.


Regular Maintenance Goes a Long Way

While it may be a chore to drain your pool for regular cleaning, it is essential in order to keep its energy consumption stable. When you have rubbish clogging the filters, your pump needs to work overtime just to get water to push through, causing you to use more energy than you should have. An easy way to clean out your filters without manually scrubbing them down is by reversing the flow of your water. This is called “backwashing” and it uses water to force the debris out of your pipes. Consult your pool’s manual to find instructions on backwashing. Once you’ve completed the process, you’ll be left with a cleaner and more energy efficient pool.


Get a Better Heat Pump

If you’ve had your bespoke swimming pool for over 10 years now, it may be time to upgrade its heat pump. Innovative models like Eco Air Source Heat Pumps can save you up to 80% on your heating costs. They are eco-friendlier too, as they do not use gas or oil to keep your pool’s temperature just right.


Keep the Wind Away

As we have discussed earlier, wind significantly contributes to your pool water’s evaporation. Apart from using a pool cover, you should also consider putting up windbreaks like hedges or trees on your landscape. Plus, less wind means you will keep your pool warm for longer.


Use LED Pool Lights

If you are still using halogen or incandescent bulbs in your pool, not only are you wasting energy, you are also going against a continent-wide ban set by the EU. Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs are the way to go. The Lightbulb Company says that a single lightbulb operating eight hours a day can outlast an incandescent one by over 23,000 hours. They only cost about £3.60 a year to use. LED bulbs are also more durable as they do not have fragile filaments like incandescent ones have.


The recent news of even higher electricity costs will be a challenge to deal with. However, you can reduce costs by giving your pool an energy efficient upgrade. Not only will you save more money, but you will also get a cleaner pool that will last you a lifetime.


Get the Pool of Your Dreams

Now that you have saved enough money to get a pool built in your yard, you should only trust experienced contractors to do the job. Here at Oakleigh Manor, we design and build swimming pools that are both beautiful and energy efficient. We are well-versed in constructing ceramic-tiled concrete shell, liner with blockwork shell, and even combination jacuzzi & swimming pools. We make sure that you save on energy costs by using efficient LED pool lights, air source heat pumps, and automatic safety covers.


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