Sydenham design & build project is complete!

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Sydenham design & build project is complete!

Josh | August 30, 2013 | 0 Comments

This landscape design & build project is now complete.

The new light stone coloured brick piers and black iron railings have made a fantastic front boundary to the busy london street, at 1.5m high the railings present a firm and secure boundary line without creating a compound like-environment.

The driveway area is surfaced with Harvest Crunch coloured resin bound gravel, the mulched areas around the drive are beautifully planted with a new young low maintenance scheme.

Within the centre of the driveway we have planted an Amelanchier, a beautiful small specimen tree which has a fantastic change of colour in the autumn. The centre piece is enhanced by a 1.8m diameter cast iron tree pit fitted flush into the Resin Bound Gravel surface.

At nightime the driveway is washed with downlight from the recessed brick pier lights mounted in the rear of the piers, the 2 main features of the scheme, the Amelanchier and the Silver Birch are illuminated with white halogen which makes them stronger focal points as the evening becomes dark.

Look out for when we get some more shots of this one!