Ten ‘Hacks’ for Gardeners

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Ten ‘Hacks’ for Gardeners

Lewis | March 11, 2015 | 0 Comments

Gardening has become more than just a hobby or a pastime. This author believes it can now be classed as a lifestyle. Millions around the world enjoy it, and there are new and original ideas for gardeners to consider when it comes to those who want to go that extra mile. Gardening is also an avenue for people to express their creativity, as well as their emotions. So is gardening now a lifestyle? You bet! Be that as it may, here are some tips Oakleigh Manor have found through extensive research for you to try in your own garden that you can brag about. Some of these tips may even leave your friends and family in awe of their ingenuity. A number of these snippets of advice incorporate the ‘recycle and reuse’ mantra that all gardeners should incorporate. It’s better for the environment, too! So for your daily gardening fix, read on!



1) Use potatoes to grow roses.

Cutting a rose’s stem in a potato helps keep the stem moist as the flower develops. See the featured image for this blog post.

2) Use toilet paper cardboard for seeds.

Convert them into an eco-friendly seed starter.

3) Use nappies in planters.

Not used ones, obviously! Place them at the bottom of the plant pots to retain moisture and stops dripping.

4) Create a vertical herb garden.

These are especially useful if you have a pet at home. It keeps them out of reach and is an ideal tip if garden ground space is an issue.

5) Use beer to trap slugs and insects.

A waste of beer? I think not! A small bowl of the bitter stuff with attract organisms that ravage your garden, keeping your vegetables untouched.

6) Do organic gardening.

Using materials friendly to Mother Earth will give you a deserved sense of ‘doing your bit’!

7) Use car tyres as flower pots.

It’s different, you can paint them vibrant colours, and they’re a safer alternative if you has small children running around.

8) Utilise outdoor lighting.

If it is eco-friendly lighting as well, then even better! It makes your garden more accessible when the Sun goes down, making it a beautiful place to sit and chat into the wee summer hours. Glow-in-the-dark paints are also a cracking idea!

9) Use an old colander as a planter.

This is ideal for any hanging garden; that ‘recycle and reuse’ mantra is also upheld!

10) Incorporate an old tea pot in a water fountain.

A water feature is an installation Oakleigh Manor have a lot of experience with, and using an old tea pot is so original. It’s always good to stand out from the crowd.

So there you are, you lucky reader! Ten cracking ideas to make your garden stand out. I expect at least one of these ideas would suit your requirements. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.