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Tips on Planning and Planting a Cold-Season Vegetable Garden

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Tips on Planning and Planting a Cold-Season Vegetable Garden

Josh | October 22, 2013 | 0 Comments

Fruit and vegetable gardens are in full production during summer. Filled with ripe tomatoes, strawberries,  and other fruits and vegetables, these gardens can take over both the yard and the kitchen.

It’s no wonder that come autumn, most people are looking forward to relaxing indoors with seed catalogues in hand. Rather than continuing to nurture their existing edible landscapes, most gardeners prefer to plan for next year’s summer gardens. There’s still that bare space in the garden, however. While most vegetables thrive in the summer heat, there are those that will go to seed when faced with cool temperatures. Planting a cool-season garden can be the ideal solution to this dilemma.

Cool-season gardens have plants that prefer the cooler temperatures, and soils of spring and autumn. For most people, these gardens are the ones gardeners plant late in the year, when they simply can’t wait to return outdoors after winter. These gardens are also the ones that linger on after the rest of the yard has been put to bed for autumn and winter.

If you’re planning to plant your own cold-season garden, follow these tips:

Check the Frost Dates

While some crops can handle a little frost, still pay attention to air and soil temperatures to get the most out of the garden. This means planting early enough during autumn to allow the plants to reach maturity before the daytime temperature drops too low or hard frost hits.

Think of Cold Frames

Cold frames and cloches allows you to put out vegetable seedlings earlier in the season. These containers also keep crops producing even later in the season.

If you don’t want to leave your garden and kitchen bare of fresh products during the cold autumn and winter seasons a cold-season garden is ideal. For more tips on planting a cool-season garden, contact us here at Oakleigh Manor. We can help you plan and plant a fruit and vegetable garden to keep you well stocked throughout the season.