Turning Japanese?

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Turning Japanese?

Lewis | November 16, 2015 | 0 Comments

Anyone else a fan of the early-1980s new wave band the Vapors? Me too!

I that case, I’m the song title which has been taken by the heading of this blog post brings back various memories for you. However, I won’t talk about the intricacies of 1980s music any longer, although I would like to! The point of the blog post taking homage to the song is due to the rise of Japanese Garden Design in modern Landscape Design and Build projects all of the world. In a blog post from us in February, we brought you news about a number of different Garden Designs that would be large in 2015. Whilst a number of the predictions were proven right, Japanese design ideas weren’t considered.

This only goes to show how quickly tastes, fashions and trends can change. In any industry. However, it is easy to see why this Eastern-style is gaining popularity at a fast pace. Recently, we have had a number of enquiries for Garden Design with a Japanese ethos and as such, we felt a blog article on the subject would help enlighten you, our loyal Oakleigh Manor readers, about it all.

You only have to look at the featured image for this article, which is credited at the bottom of said article, to see the beautiful results that are possible through this style, one of which Oakleigh Manor are more than capable with.

A fantastic article from the Decoist website is one we found where you can gain an incredible insight into Japanese garden design and I’m sure it will give you some ideas if this something you wish to pursue within your own external space.

Elements of Japanese garden design are so calming. This is perhaps due to the culture and philosophy that has helped shape Japan over the centuries. The aesthetics of the style, the wooden structures, the planting schemes. They all breathe a sense of difference that you wouldn’t get in any other design style or method.

  • The variety of plants on show also go to justify the rise in popularity. Not only this, adding a Japanese Maple Tree, which has beautiful and vibrant off-Autumn colour leaves, which helps add a nice contrast.
  • The use of bamboo gives an Oriental feel. Despite the fact it is a readily available material in a number of construction process, it’s beauty isn’t utilised by enough of us, in my opinion!
  • Water features play a large part in garden designs all of the world, but the combination of Japanese planting, such as Blood Grass, give off a certain element of tranquility.
  • They are also great for small spaces – do not have a notion that it will only work with a large garden – and you can combine design elements from both Eastern and Western cultures to have a garden unique to you.

The original article can be read by clicking here.




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