Turning Your Home Garden into a Living Masterpiece

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Turning Your Home Garden into a Living Masterpiece

Josh | November 7, 2013 | 0 Comments

Maintaining your property is important to create a beautiful living environment. This applies to your home’s interior and exterior. When talking about the exterior features of your home, the walls, lawn, and garden need much of the maintenance.

Let’s focus on your garden. It certainly adds beauty to your property and provides a soothing and relaxing ambiance. Are you getting the most from your home garden? If not, then it’s time to call the experts. As a multi-awarded company and the leading provider of landscape services in the UK, Oakleigh Manor can turn your home garden into a masterpiece.

The Science of Landscaping

Landscaping is the art of combining the elements of nature to create captivating man-made scenery. We know how to improve your backyard garden and make it the focal point of your property. Walk and feel like you’re living in a castle surrounded by beautiful flowering and non-flowering plants. We pay attention to every detail to make sure your garden will get that ultimate makeover.

The Landscape Design

Your garden’s existing design is important in determining its new look. Our landscape artists will evaluate your garden’s current setup to learn whether it needs minor improvements or a total redesign. We use our expertise in designing small and large gardens to provide you with the best possible service.

Choice of Plants

Landscaping isn’t just about planting beautiful plants in your garden. It takes a good understanding of the types and characteristics of different flora. Our horticulturists will choose the right combination of flowering and non-flowering plants that will provide the best look for your garden.


Your garden’s new look also depends on your property’s overall setup. We’ll evaluate your home’s style and the amount of space available. We will then choose the design that best suits your home. This way, we can create harmony between your house and the garden while maximising the use of the available space. We also employ proper lighting techniques to boost your garden’s appearance during night-time.

Let your garden be the envy of your neighbours, visitors, and passers-by. Leave the job to us and we’ll transform your garden into a great work of art. Contact us to get a free quote on our services.