Vertical Gardening: Prime Considerations for Better Living Walls

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Vertical Gardening: Prime Considerations for Better Living Walls

Josh | October 3, 2013 | 0 Comments

Vertical gardening is a classic garden fashion that remains among the hottest trends today. Green walls bring a sense of depth and height to small spaces. These can also serve as privacy screens to cover unwanted views around the garden. A living wall adds character to your outdoor area and provides the perfect ambience for your garden room.

Apart from having a natural insulation against heat, noise, and air pollution in your property, a vertical gardening has many benefits. These complement a stunning landscape design and improve your home lifestyle. Take note of the following considerations when gardening vertically:

Plant Selection

Every plant grows differently. Some vines thrive perfectly in a full sun, while others need their roots in shade. In choosing the right type of plant to grow, take into account light conditions.

Plants vary in appearance as well, which greatly affects the look of your garden. Whether you choose flowery ornaments or edibles bearing fruits, make sure it goes well with other parts of your outdoor space. This way, you can ensure harmony in the area.


Structures are an essential part of a green wall. While columnar plants can grow with no supporting structure, most live ornaments have to be physically attached to fences or loop around trellis holes to get the right kind of garden design you want.

Build the structure before planting to avoid disturbing the plants’ roots and stems. Use sturdier structures and heavy vegetation for better support. Leave some space between the wall and the structure that you’d anchor for air circulation.


Use a drip irrigation system for your living wall properly and easily. Tall plants are usually hard-to reach, thus less accessible. Adjustable drippers allow you to control the flow of water per zone, and give out water evenly to every plant. This irrigation system is also perfect for watering hanging baskets.

Vertical gardening is only one of the great things you can do to make the most of your outdoor space. Our garden design experts can help you with this project and give you the right type of irrigation system for your green wall. Give us a call for enquiries and learn more on how we can help you build a beautiful living wall.