Watering Wisely: How to Conserve Water Through Efficient Garden Irrigation Systems

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Watering Wisely: How to Conserve Water Through Efficient Garden Irrigation Systems

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Regardless of the size, growing a garden can be beneficial to the environment for several reasons. Aside from making your home more beautiful, your garden can reduce pollution and erosion, produce oxygen, and help balance the ecosystem. However, home gardening is more than just planting seeds and waiting for it to grow. A responsible gardener should also make it a point to conserve water. According to the US Geological Survey, despite the earth being 71 percent water, only less than 3 percent of this is available for human consumption. The growing demand for potable and home use water means that we need to be more conscientious about how we use this most precious resource.

While highly beneficial to the environment, gardening is also a lifestyle that can contribute to the global water crisis. Gardeners who are careless with water usage can be doing more harm than good through their gardening practises. According to WiseWatering, residential outdoor use, mainly watering gardens and lawns account for nearly 9 billion gallons of daily water usage.

While the traditional method of using a watering bucket can be a water-efficient way to garden, it is also exhausting and time-consuming, especially for medium to large gardens. Having an innovative irrigation system not only makes gardening convenient, it can also maximise your water resources.

With some areas suffering from drought, making an effort to conserve water is one way of doing your part to help save this natural resource. Here are two efficient irrigation system options for your garden that can help you minimise your water usage.

 Sprinkler systems 

Sprinklers are best used to water lawn and soak unplanted areas. Automatic sprinkler systems are designed to use water for your garden in the most efficient way possible. When positioned directly under the plants, sprinklers can deliver the exact amount of water that is needed and provide necessary moisture without waste. However, conserving water with sprinklers still depends on how you use it. Nothing is more wasteful than watering when there’s already rainwater. To ensure water conservation, pay attention and adjust automatic sprinkler timers during rainy seasons.

 Drip irrigation

This irrigation system is the most recommended watering technique for the home garden. Drip irrigation is an efficient watering technique because it provides water to the soil through tiny holes in the hoses which allow the water to slowly soak into the soil. This system is arguably the most effective irrigation system and prevents over watering while still keeping roots at a favourable moisture level. Bear in mind that plants can easily be over watered and this system makes it easier to prevent such an incident.

An efficient irrigation system is essential in maintaining the beauty of your garden and continuing its growth. And with proper irrigation, growing a valuable and beautiful garden is even easier. Here at Oakleigh Manor, we offer automatic irrigation systems for your garden that do more than just water your plants. We provide irrigation systems that can help you save time, energy, and most of all, water. Get in touch with us today and let’s find the perfect irrigation system for your property.