Ways Technology Can Help With Your Gardening

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Ways Technology Can Help With Your Gardening

Josh | May 20, 2014 | 0 Comments

The article Robomowers: Rise of the Machines, published on The Telegraph, pictures the future of gardening by showing what a robot mower can do. The robot mower can be left on its own to take charge of trimming the grass. One of its smartest functions is to determine the solid items that get in the way. Instead of running over the object, it stops, backs off, and steers around it to continue what needs to be done.

That article reminds us that gardening doesn’t need to be a tedious and physically taxing job. Malcolm (the name given the mower), reminds us that the help we need is right at the tip of our fingertips. Below are the other ways technology can help us make gardening duties a whole lot easier.

Plant Sensors

Plant sensors are a new gardener’s friend. They help you determine if it is optimal to plant in your chosen spot. All you need to do is just stick the sensor in the ground to learn about soil moisture, temperature, and sunlight levels.

Toolkit on Your Tablet

There is a wealth of smartphone and table computer applications that you can use to make garden planning a lot easier. These apps allow you to personalise the size, shape, and layout of your garden. Some even recommend the types of plants you need to grow based on the specifications you factor in.

Electronic Flower Pots

First-time gardeners will never have to put in a lot of guesswork regarding the condition of their greens. If you want to start small, go for indoor herbs. If you would like to start small in a smart way, don’t forget to use electronic flower pots. Such pots usually help you determine the right amount of water you need to sprinkle. Some come with a grow light that can keep the plants in shape during unfavourable weather conditions.

Smartphone Integration

If you want to keep the use of technology to a minimum, you can go so far as to use smartphone-weather report provider integration. You can set weather alerts so that you can prepare your greens in case the following days will be hotter or damper than usual.

Who says technology and nature will never relate to each other? Those who say it may be looking at the wrong angle. As for us, we know that technology can help make gardens more beautiful and more sustainable. If you need help making your garden more appealing, contact us today or browse through the rest of the pages on this website to learn and see more.