Where’s the Pool?

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Where’s the Pool?

Lewis | March 20, 2015 | 0 Comments

In your back garden, hopefully!

Here at Oakleigh Manor, we offer so many services; we are more than just a landscape design and build company. Our expertise is widespread, and that expertise encompasses the installation of swimming pools. Whether it be above-ground or below-ground, or whether it be installed with an automated cover or a surround, our team of pool designers and installers can help make your dream of a swimming pool right on your doorstep into a reality.

There are so many reasons to have your own swimming pool. It could be your physical activity of choice. It could be a wonderful resource for your children during the warmer months. It could be due to your love of entertaining friends and family. Whatever the reason, it sure is justified! There are so many choices when it comes to the installing process of your swimming pool; click here for more information on those choices.

However, one of the choices open to you will be explored further in this blog post. It may seem like a luxury addition to many, but swimming pool heating is so common-sensical it baffles the mind! Let’s face it; you are going to want enjoy your pool at optimum levels, and swimming pool heating will enable you to do this alone, even before the consideration of over additional options are considered. These extras altogether can make the perfect swimming pool for everyone, but for now, we’ll explore the three main advantages of pool heating:

  • Time

As Brits, we cannot paper over the fact that our summers, when compared to other areas of Europe, let alone the world, are rather limited. In addition, it inevitably flies by anyway! Say you did have a swimming pool in your back garden; during a typical British year, you might start using it come mid-May, and when the temperature starts to drop enough around September when you start to feel a little chillier, you’ll have to say goodbye to your pool until well after the New Year. With a heated pool, you can comfortably start taking a dip or two as soon as warmer climes arrive, rather than wait until it is naturally comfortable, and you can use it for longer, too. That biting chill won’t catch you in lovely warm water! A swimming pool is an investment, there isn’t two ways around that fact, but with a heater, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Here at Oakleigh Manor, we have a number of different heating options and fair few of these are environmentally-friendly, as well.

  • Enjoyment

Children tend to ignore, perhaps, a colder atmosphere than expected when a swimming pool is involved. It would just override their sensory instincts and they will be splashing around with their friends while you’re still judging whether or not it’s too cold or not! I can’t blame you, a swimming pool is great, but more people will feel more inclined to dipping into a warmer pool. It is simply a matter of comfortability, and as a result, you will enjoy it more for more time. A no-brainer, really.

  • Value

A swimming pool isn’t just for experiences. Having one on your property can, and will, increase the value of your home. How much by is always down to question, like so many things are in the housing market. Nevertheless, your house value will increase. Absolutely. This is without the consideration of a heater; a swimming pool is going to attract more attention than a swimming pool without one. As a result, the features along with the pool will be taken into consideration when the valuation of your home is underway. This will also mean an increased return on your initial investment.

There’s only three reasons here! Any more you can think of, personally? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to find us on social media!