Why should I have my garden designed – part 1

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Why should I have my garden designed – part 1

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Part 1 – The finances

Lets not bet around the bush! There are no short – term financial gains, you have to pay professional people to do a professional job, then it pays!

Why & How

If your garden is designed and built professionally will it will increase the value of your home & how much?

This will depend on your property, location and the current condition of your outdoor space.

An Oakleigh Manor Designer will guide you with this, however, if you spend £10k landscaping your garden with Oakleigh Manor, I will not guarantee you will gain an instant £15k in property value, (150%), however in most cases you will recover a minimum of 70% of your cash investment.

At Oakleigh Manor, we commonly achieve in excess of 100% gains with our Garden Design & Build schemes, they transform homes and lifestyles.

Expect the worst, if you only gain 70% of your investment, you will be rewarded with in excess of 30% when you are enjoying your outdoor space.

Why? – You & your family will be outside all summer in a your own private haven, with a covered terrace or garden room, all spring, summer & autumn. Your family will enjoying the fresh air, you eat alfresco on your terrace and entertain friends in a beautiful space, you can lay in your hammock and watch the stars, there’s so much more, any not many more places that you can do this.

In this day and age, our weeks our very busy and very stressful, your garden is the weekend retreat, it will provide you with one evening a week, or every weekend, a relaxing enjoyable space to relieve stress and just breath, drink, eat and chill. This is more than my 30%, but I love beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces, as you may of guessed.

Compare this to a new car

If you spend £10k on a brand new car, it will never be worth more £4.5 – 6k in 3 years, if you look after it. If you spend £20k on a brand new garden scheme, and you look after it, if the property market stays flat with no growth over 3 years, your property will of gained approximately £14k with a beautiful garden, it will probably be more, it will grow, its value will never go down. Meanwhile, during the 3 years, you will transform the quality of you and your families’ life by being within a beautiful space, it’s a win-win situation.

Look out for part 2, I have many more reasons why you should have your garden designed by professionals.


Stuart Barten

Director & Designer

Oakleigh Manor Ltd