With Footballing Children, Regular Lawn Maintenance is Inevitable and Necessary

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With Footballing Children, Regular Lawn Maintenance is Inevitable and Necessary

Josh | January 4, 2016 | 0 Comments

Football is part of everyone’s life in England. It is the national sport, and it comes with the territory if everyone wants to play. While grownups are still fond of going to matches and screaming for our teams, children are most fond of the sport. Furthermore, if they want to become professional footballers in the future, they are at the right age to foster their skills.
Nevertheless, whether they want to play football for a living or as a pastime, they will inevitably use the lawn as a playground. That is a lot of kicking, stomping and scraping, none of which are all good for your garden’s aesthetics. Oakleigh Manor sincerely urges you not to wait too long before you hire lawn maintenance services.

About Synthetic Lawns

You always have the choice to go for factory-made lawns, but should you? They are a lot harder, as they are not sitting on soil and are not soft grass, but rather synthetic material. Think of them as cosmetic solutions. It is a quick fix, just needing landscapers to lay them. For a slight premium, however, you can grow your own lawn.

You can take a cue from the biggest clubs in England. Take London’s Arsenal, for example. They are famous for keeping their pitch in top condition, and they are able to because of their natural pitch. It is likely you will not have to cover ground as big as the one in the Emirates Stadium, but it is a good starting point. Even the biggest organisations in the country had to grow their grass.

Creating a Pitch of Your Own

Your kids will play more football as time progresses, even more so when they decide to dedicate their lives to it. Granted, they will play on bigger lawns in the future. For now, while they are still young, it is best to provide them an area where they can play tekkers with friends and practice skill moves.
Rest assured that we are here to help you with your landscaping needs. We can make, remake or beautify your garden.

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