Low-Maintenance Garden Ideas for a Higher Value Property

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Low-Maintenance Garden Ideas for a Higher Value Property

Naim | February 22, 2019 | 0 Comments

Isn’t it ideal to have a garden you spend less time taking care of and more time relaxing in? Ask any garden designer in Kent and they’ll tell you that striking a balance between aesthetic value and functionality is the key to creating a garden you’d love to spend time in.

The catch, however, is that the basic component of most any garden is the plants that fill it—living things that require constant care. Most plants, left untended for too long, will wither and die. Of course, no one wants a garden of dead plants.

But, what if you’re too busy? Is there a way to create a beautiful garden while keeping it low-maintenance? You’re in luck. There are actually various ways to keep a low-maintenance garden that beautify and add value to your property.

1. Scale Down Your Lawn

If you have a large patch of grass in your garden, you’re likely spending a lot of time mowing, watering and fertilising it. Apart from time, it takes a lot of effort to maintain this kind of garden. So, for a more fuss-free garden, consider scaling down the size of your lawn.

You have a lot of options on how to reduce the size of your lawn, such as sod cutting and rototilling. After the process, you may replace the previous lawn space with paved pathways and other hardscapes. By cutting the size of your lawn, you’re also minimising your water consumption, yard waste, and pesticide use.

2. Create an Outdoor Living Area

Another way to make your garden easier to manage is to turn it into an outdoor living area. You can even do this after reducing the size of your lawn.

To create a beautiful outdoor space, place paving slabs atop the soil to prevent weeds from springing up. After you’re done with paving, position comfortable couches and chairs in the area. Add a canopy overhead to protect you from intense heat or rain. You can also install an outdoor fireplace so you have something to keep you warm on colder days or nights.

The existence of an outdoor living area adds much value to your property. Even if you’re not selling, though, your new outdoor space is a comfortable and refreshing place to unwind and relax.

3. Box Up Your Plants

No, this doesn’t mean putting your plants inside cardboard boxes. Instead, try to compartmentalise your garden space into boxed areas and keep pebbles, pavers or crushed stones in naked patches of soil.

You may also opt to let go of flower and plant beds and install hedges instead. Garden hedges don’t require seasonal display maintenance. You can just run a hedge trimmer over them every once in a while.

4. Choose Plants That Don’t Wilt Easily

If you have neither the time nor a green thumb but want a garden anyway, you may choose plants that don’t wilt easily.  Among these plants are anthuriums, which add a splash of bright colour, bamboo and orchids. Perennials such as lavender may also add colour and delightful fragrance to your garden while requiring minimal care to grow and bloom.

Design the Perfect Low-Maintenance Garden

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