By Oakleigh Manor

Specialist Driveways in Sittingbourne

Sittingbourne sits astride the ancient Roman Watling Street, one of the oldest roads in England. It’s not clear exactly when the town was established, but it is was known as a stop for pilgrims on their way to Canterbury Cathedral in the 12th century and Chaucer mentioned it in his Canterbury Tales of the 14th century. The housing stock here is diverse and includes a plethora of beautiful semi-detached and detached homes in the vicinity of Gore Ct Rd, Bell Rd, and Park Ave. 

At Oakleigh Manor, we create beautiful driveways in Sittingbourne from a variety of materials that harmonise with your home and add significant kerb appeal and bottom-line value to your property. Regardless of the age or style of your home, we can create a perfect aesthetic match using Kent Ragstone Gravel, Porous Asphalt, Clay Paviors, Porous Block or another tasteful, durable material. Our driveways are the perfect combination of beauty and practicality, while also being both affordable and blissfully low maintenance. 

Elevate Your Property with the Right Driveway

When developers are building homes they tend to scrimp on the driveway. In many cases that means pouring a concrete slab and calling it a day. Other times that means no driveway at all. At Oakleigh Manor, we understand that the driveway is a critically important aspect of your home’s presentation. Whether people know it or not their eyes are drawn up the lines of the driveway to the house. If the driveway is bare ground or an oil-stained and cracked concrete slab it reflects poorly on the house, and indeed, the entire property.

Our designers and engineers understand that a driveway is more than just a place to park your car. It’s an integral part of your landscaping. The lines, colours and textures of the driveway need to coexist harmoniously with the lines, colours and textures of the house, while at the same time complementing the surrounding flora and providing adequate drainage. 

Stunning Driveways at Reasonable Prices

If the time has come for a new driveway, talk to the professionals at Oakleigh Manor. Every driveway we design and install adds long-lasting aesthetic and practical value to our customer’s properties. Keep in mind too that market studies indicate installing a new, properly done driveway can provide a nice bump to your home’s bottom-line value. Perhaps as much as 10% if there was no driveway before. To talk to one of our designers about a new driveway for your Sittingbourne home, call 0800 023 1310.