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Welcome to Garden Design in Orpington by Oakleigh Manor

Garden Design In Orpington

Our garden design specialists work throughout Kent, including Orpington. With years of experience, our designers provide unrivalled efficiency which is in perfect balance with their creativity and flair.

We pride ourselves on providing bespoke designs individually catered for your outdoor space, no matter what size or shape it may be.

We cater to large, medium and small gardens in a variety of styles, including: Modern & Contemporary, Traditional & Classical garden design styles, Formal or Informal as well Low Maintenance Garden schemes, Family Gardens, English Country Gardens and much more.

Call our friendly Sevenoaks team on 01227 750016 to discuss your requirements today.

Our Garden Design Process

One of our designers will visit you at your home in Orpington to discuss your requirements, then  we would be able to provide you with a Garden Design Proposal, this would set out the individual stages of your Garden Design together with all respective fees.

A typical design process will involve a Full Client Brief, at this stage we will capture all of your requirements that will drive the style and flavour of your new garden design. We would need to carry out a Survey, type subject to the site characteristics, then once all the site and brief details are logged, our designers will take all the information to the drawing board. Our team bounce and blend ideas, then we will get to work on your very own bespoke Garden Master Design which is presented to you with a Landscape & Garden specification. There are many other types of design we offer, including sketch conceptual designs if required for your scheme, our designers will guide you through the options most suitable for your project and design process.

One thing you can be sure of is the Oakleigh Manor team have a decades of projects under their belt, established in 1996, winning numerous awards, you can be sure Oakleigh Manor will design, build and provide long term aftercare for all new schemes, for years to come.

Our Fees

Design service fees begin at £395, subject to the size and complexity of your outdoor space, no fees are charged for your initial 1 hour site visit.

We come to you

Upon receiving an enquiry from you, one of our designers will arrange a convenient time to visit you at your home to discuss your initial plans within a free of charge Initial site visit.

Your Garden Design is only weeks away

A typical garden design process takes several weeks, from the time of your enquiry we normally can arrange a site survey and client brief meeting within a couple of weeks. then subject to the scale and content of the entire design process, your tailored Master Garden Design is only a matter weeks away.

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Why Choose Oakleigh

So you’re looking for some support with your garden design, and you’ve seen that the team here at Oakleigh Manor provides garden design services in Orpington and the surrounding areas. Now only one question remains – why should you trust us to design your garden over one of the other companies that will be vying for your attention?

Let us tell you:

  • Experience – Put simply, our company and our staff have a wealth of experience that has been built up over several decades in this industry. Garden design isn’t just a job for us. It’s our passion and is something we take a great deal of pride in. If you choose us, we can guarantee you that you will be choosing an experienced team who has very much been there, done that and got the t-shirt when it comes to this kind of work.
  • Details – When it comes to designing your dream garden, we won’t just turn up and make a few notes on a shorthand notebook. No. We’ll bring in our qualified and skilled designers to draw up proper plans that can be presented and tweaked over a full design process. You will be able to properly visualise your dream garden before it is brought to life.
  • Transparency – We are proud to keep things simple, open and honest. We won’t hit you with any secret or hidden charges. Indeed we have a flat garden design fee so you know exactly how much things are going to cost if you choose us to help with your project.
  • Enthusiasm – We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we are hugely passionate about garden design. Your garden can and should be a special place where you can spend quality time, especially during the warmer months. We want to help make this happen for you, and take a huge amount of pride in the work we do to create dream gardens.

Let us design your dream garden and give you something to enjoy for years to come. Our team is experienced, energetic and entirely customer-focused – meaning you will have a huge part to play in the design process.