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Luxury Garden Designers in Ashford

Ashford is one of the fastest growing towns in England. The people here are forward thinkers who embrace change, though they never lose track of their Kent-ish roots, or their connection to the environment. For nearly a quarter-century Oakleigh Manor has helped the people of Kent enhance the look, value and functionality of their properties by offering a comprehensive garden design and construction service for projects great and small.

Experience the Top Garden Designer in Ashford

Few landscape and garden design teams in Kent can match the experience and expertise of Oakleigh Manor. But we never rest on our laurels, or let the praise of our clients go to our heads. Instead, we treat every new project as though it were the most important we have ever done. Because it is. We’re not in business to tell you what you should do. We’re here to listen to what you want, and then present you with the best way to achieve that.

Helping You Find Your Perfect Garden

The garden you want is out there. It’s just a matter of finding it. That’s what we do. We understand modern Ashford is an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary, thoughtful and whimsical, and that creating a garden that reconciles those often contradictory forces – while expressing your taste and sensibilities – is not easy. Which is why we put so much emphasis on communication. Some landscape companies stop answering your calls as soon as you sign the contract. But that will never happen with Oakleigh Manor.

Every Oakleigh Manor Garden Starts as a Blank Slate

It would be easy and cost-effective for us to create a dozen or so garden templates and then have our customers pick one. But that type of approach slams the door shut on the personal touches that are such an integral part of compelling garden design. Every Oakleigh Manor garden begins life as a clean slate and achieves ultimate resolution through a step by step process of consultation and refinement. If your goal is the bespoke garden of your dreams, call Oakleigh Manor today on 0800 023 1310.