Project Update 3: Swimming Pool in Brentwood, Essex

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Project Update 3: Swimming Pool in Brentwood, Essex

Lewis | May 8, 2015 | 0 Comments

Some of you may remember two blog posts very recently, of a swimming pool construction and installation project we currently have in Brentwood in Essex. Well, since the last blog about it, one of in-house teams has really kicked on with the work! If you can recall, the swimming pool was just a grey concrete shell, far from the finished article. The pool surrounds hadn’t been finished yet and the lawn area next to the swimming pool was a muddy mess, as you would expect after turf is taken up before new turf is laid! If you need reminding, click here to see the first blog post for this project, or click here for the second. The transition from then until now is rather impressive…

From this shot, you can obviously tell that the new turf has been installed. Our versatility in terms of our number of services is only a benefit, as well can service any garden requirement or need at the same time. Usually you would need two separate companies for this and let’s face it: that can be more hassle than it is worth. With Oakleigh Manor not only do you get a professional service; it is also finished quicker, too. You can also see that fencing has been erected, surrounding the swimming pool. Let’s take a closer look…

This is a nice touch; it separates the garden area from the swimming pool area. This project has involved our in-house teams travelling from Kent to Essex every working day, so it is hard on them, but not only does our business extend well outside Kent, it also must be wonderfully fulfilling for our teams to see their hard work pay off at the end. Getting from the design process to the finished article is a difficult road and our in-house teams definitely know how to drive down that one!

Instantly, your eyes are drawn to the the two in the pool fitting the drainage systems. But please do not let that affect your judgement on how well the pool has been tiled! The small blue mosaic is a classic look for swimming pools and it isn’t difficult to see why! It just looks great. However, that isn’t to say it is easy; I bet a number of us have seen a number of similarly-designed pools rather ‘botched up’ by poor workmanship. That is something you would never get from Oakleigh Manor. The three bog posts for this project are all the proof you need of our professionalism and this extends to each and every one of our services.

This project isn’t too far from completion! Hopefully I will bring you a fourth and final update. Keep in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!