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  • Driveways-contractors-Designers-Builders-Kent-Canterbury-Maidstone-Sevenoaks-Tunbridge Wells-Bromley
    Driveway project, Croydon, London
    Resin Bonded Gravel surface, bonded onto an Ashphalt base.....
  • Driveways-contractors-Designers-Builders-Kent-Canterbury-Maidstone-Sevenoaks-Tunbridge Wells-Bromley
    Driveway project, South Kent
    Clay Block Paviors laid in Basket weave format, forming a vista towards the house.......
  • Driveways-contractors-Designers-Builders-Kent-Canterbury-Maidstone-Sevenoaks-Tunbridge Wells-Bromley
    Resin Bound Gravel, Erith, Kent
  • Driveways-contractors-Designers-Builders-Kent-Canterbury-Maidstone-Sevenoaks-Tunbridge Wells-Bromley
    Driveway project, East Sussex
    Resin Bound Gravel, colour Harvest Crunch, SUDS compliant and no loose gravel......
  • Driveways-contractors-Designers-Builders-Kent-Canterbury-Maidstone-Sevenoaks-Tunbridge Wells-Bromley
    Driveway - Resin Bound Gravel & Granite edges
  • Driveways-contractors-Designers-Builders-Kent-Canterbury-Maidstone-Sevenoaks-Tunbridge Wells-Bromley
    Driveway project, SE London
    Tegula setts surface softened with perimeter planting beds......
  • Driveways-contractors-Designers-Builders-Kent-Canterbury-Maidstone-Sevenoaks-Tunbridge Wells-Bromley
    Driveway project, Bromley, Kent
    Breedon Gravel surface, colour Golden amber, harmonising with timber and brick materials of the house.......
  • Driveways-contractors-Designers-Builders-Kent-Canterbury-Maidstone-Sevenoaks-Tunbridge Wells-Bromley
    Driveway project, Canterbury, Kent
    Native flint gravel, traditional loose surface.......
  • Driveways-contractors-Designers-Builders-Kent-Canterbury-Maidstone-Sevenoaks-Tunbridge Wells-Bromley
    Driveway project, Essex
    Traditional brick rumble strip and edging with recessed LED marker lights......
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Beautiful Driveway  Design & Construction
Throughout Kent, London, Essex, Surrey & Sussex

Welcome to Oakleigh Manor’s Driveway Team…

We install beautiful Driveways, built to harmonise with your home, service your requirements and suit your style. We install a huge range of stunning surfaces, together with all groundwork, drainage, kerbs & edgings that are required for the entire scheme. Call our team on 08000 231 310 to discuss your requirements today…..

See our surface options for 2019….

Driveway detail, available with all our Driveways…


Sawn Granite Setts make a stunning sharp edge to your driveway, they form fantastic modern or contemporary finish for your driveway. Available in Light, Mid or Dark Grey.


Black Basalt Setts with tumbled or sawn edges form a create contrast to most lighter surface colours, creating a defined finish for your driveway. Available in Black.


Brick Edgings create a beautiful and more traditional edge to your driveway, we can tie in the colours to harmonise with your house bricks. Available in Red, Orange & Burnt rustic tones.


Sleeper Edgings form a softer and decorative edge to your drive, they are great for retaining higher soil levels and creating raised beds. Available in Oak, Larch or Pressure treated pine.


Radial Edgings can be used to form circular or divisional shapes, within your driveway surface, Fantastic for breaking up large areas of expanses. Available in Granite, Basalt, Brick and Sandstone.


We provide a huge range of Stainless Steel Bollards, of varying widths and heights, not only a practical barrier solution, our Bollards create a stunning feature for your driveway.


Sawn Sett Rumble Strips provide a striking entrance definition to your driveway, butt jointed creates less rumble as you pass in your vehicle. Available in Light, Mid or Dark Grey.


Rustic Rumble Strips formed in naturally cropped Setts, create a rustic and more traditional rumble strip at your entrance. Available in Light, Mid, Dark Grey & Black Basalt.

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Granite Planks create fantastic steppers connecting your driveway to adjoining areas, great within planting beds or lawns. Available in Light, Mid, Dark Grey & Black Basalt.


Don’t worry about your unsightly manhole covers, we can lay most of our surfaces within our specialised recessed driveway covers, making them seamless within your drive.


We install many types of Linear Drainage, from the conventional drainage grill to sleak stainless steel slot drains. Great for entrances and garage door thresholds.


Our Stainless Steel steps, in-filled with your surface type, create a sleek and stunning step riser to your front door. Available in a range of sizes.

Finishing touches…


Furnish your new driveway with one of our low maintenance planting schemes, foliage & flower will soften the hard expanse of surface. Ask our team for more information.


Beautiful patios are second nature to Oakleigh Manor, combine your new driveway with a new patio, its not just your car that should be spoilt!


Recessed Stainless Steel LEDS will illuminate your driveway, our LEDs are energy efficient, they create stunning effects and sound practical light.


Our uplighters will bring your driveway entrance to life, making a warm welcome home. Ask our team for more information of “Click Here” to go to our Lighting section.

Click here if you would like to chat to one of our Driveway team, or complete an online Driveway Enquiry Form and one of our team will call you back at a time that suits you

Recent Projects at Oakleigh Manor

Why an Oakleigh Manor Driveway

  • High quality craftsmanship - Our in-house specialist driveway teams will ensure your driveway is built to an impeccably high standard
  • British Standards - Our driveways are constructed to British Standards in accordance with current UK Building Regulations.
  • Professional staff - We only use our own in-house experienced craftsman, who are not only professional, but polite and courteous. With no loud radios or shouting, you won’t know they are there!
  • On Time All driveway projects are scheduled and monitored by our project management team ensuring continuous progress, communication and quality control.
  • On Budget – All projects are quoted at fixed genuine costs. We never under estimate to gain work then add extras half way through the job, unless large & rare problems occur.
  • Free Initial chat or site meeting with a professional designer – We are on hand to give you the most professional advise on style, design, materials.
  • No obligation quotations – All quotations are provided free of charge, under no obligation for you.
  • No pressure salesmen - Our team are non commission driven. Our free initial site meetings are limited to 1 hour, but you will never be pressured into a decision, you make your choice.
  • Warranty - Our driveways come with a Warranty of longevity, some of our surfaces are manufacturer backed for up to 15 years
  • Beautiful Workmanship & finish – All our driveways are beautifully crafted and constructed, enhancing your home to its maximum potential


If you would like to chat to one of our designers about your new driveway simply call us direct on freephone 0800 023 1310, or click here, complete the enquiry form and one of our team will call you back at a time that suits you

Other related services from the Oakleigh Manor Team

How to get an Oakleigh Manor Driveway

If you are thinking about having a new driveway, contact our friendly team with some basic details about your requirements. We will need to understand the type/surface of driveway you require, the approximate size, together with some basic information about the existing area.

After a few simple questions, our team can guide you through the surface options, Design, Base requirements, Planning guidance and SUDs regulations, Drainage, Edgings and all other details about your new drive.

Once you are happy we have all the correct details, are team will provide you with an Estimate to install your beautiful new driveway.

Clear Estimating & Fixed Price Quotation Service

We provide estimates for your new Driveway to give you a strong budget indication for the works involved, for the surface options you require. Once you are happy with your estimate, and would like to book the works to secure a slot within our Works Schedule, then we will arrange a Pre-commencement site meeting with one of our Driveway Engineers to confirm the details of your estimate and approve material samples if required. We will then update your Estimate to a Fixed Price Quotation, before works commence.

Click here if you would like to chat to one of our Driveway team or complete an online Driveway Enquiry Form, one of our team will call you back at a time that suits you

Useful info about Driveway law and construction

SUD’s planning regulations

Our Driveway experts will ensure your new driveway is compliant with SUDS regulations (sustainable urban drainage systems) and meets UK building regulations.

Our Geotextile anti weed membranes

Our Geotextile anti weed membranes are fitted under all our driveway surfaces where required, ensuring you have no weed penetration within your new driveway.

Low Maintenance with all Oakleigh Manor Driveways

All our driveways are specified and designed to be very low maintenance. Once your driveway is built, you will have no weeds, no cracks, no puddles, no sinking or subsidence.

Driveway Aftercare at Oakleigh Manor

On completion of your new driveway, we will provide you with the correct Driveway Aftercare Guidance for your surface, in respect of use and function, cleaning etc.

Driveway Project Management at Oakleigh Manor

All Driveway projects are managed by an appointed project manager and every site has a team leader, both of which are experienced, highly skilled, friendly and personable giving you peace of mind for daily communication, any updates or challenges that arise during the job.

If you would like to chat to one of our designers about your new driveway simply call us direct on freephone 0800 023 1310, or click here, complete the enquiry form and one of our team will call you back at a time that suits you

Two of our key driveway installation areas include Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells, yet we cover all of south east England.