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Posts by Lewis:

Calling All LOTR Fans…

Posted on: 03 Sep 2015

Every now and then, we love to bring you interesting articles from the worlds of landscaping, construction and architecture in this blog. We feel it complements news about us, our services and our multiple blog series very well. Recently, an article concerning the demolition and re-construction of an entire Swedish city was covered on this […]

Three Steps Towards Your Organic Garden

Posted on: 24 Aug 2015

‘How to…’ Series #5: Go Organic. It can be due to a number of potential reasons, but the view and perception of organic gardening being being a ‘fad’ could not be further from the truth. It could be down to the exposure we as gardeners have had to the – some might say ‘questionable’ – […]

Meet the New Admin Team

Posted on: 19 Aug 2015

After some changes to personnel here at Oakleigh Manor HQ in Dargate, we feel it is about time we updated you as to these changes. You may recall a previous blog post that brought you the previous line-up of the administration team; if not, you can refresh your collective memories by clicking here. You may […]

Mine Kiruna (My Sharona?)

Posted on: 14 Aug 2015

Pardon the horrendous attempt of a pun out of the hit single from The Knacks! Kiruna is a city in Sweden; it also happens to be the northernmost city in the Scandinavian country, deep into Arctic territory. What initially makes this city stand out is the one of the world’s largest iron ore deposits beneath the […]

5 Pointers to Keep Yourself Safe in the Garden

Posted on: 10 Aug 2015

‘How to…’ Series #4: Keep Safe. Safety is a key concept that is and should be championed in all walks of life. No matter what you enjoy doing, you should always do it safely to ensure you and/or others around you do not come to harm. The same principle is the same for gardening. It […]

Project Update: Hard Landscaping in Surrey

Posted on: 03 Aug 2015

We’ve brought you some project update blog posts recently from the Horticultural Services side of the company, but it’s been a bit of time since we brought you one from the Landscape Design and Build side of the Oakleigh Manor family. So here it is! We have been very busy in Warlingham in Surrey, with […]

‘How to…’ Series #3: Attract Bees

Posted on: 27 Jul 2015

There perhaps may be a misconception about the bee, potentially due to the well-documented aggressive nature of wasps, their close relation and lookalike. Of course, bees aren’t the favourite of organisms to those who are unfortunate enough to suffer an allergy to their stings, but purely from a gardening perspective, they are an incredible ally. […]

Portfolio Additions and Developments

Posted on: 23 Jul 2015

From all of us here at Oakleigh Manor we would like to thank you all unreservedly for your support of our company. We really appreciate it; the landscape design and construction industry has been developing very well since the recession, which is fantastic news not just for us, but the economy as a whole. However, […]

Saharan Sustainability, Seriously?

Posted on: 23 Jul 2015

Any of you recall a recent blog post from us here at Oakleigh Manor about the possibility of London becoming a National Park? If not, you can click here jog the brain. Whether you do this or you do in fact remember, either way I do not think the thoughts of ‘audacious yet plausible’ you […]

Project Update 3: OMHS at the Thames Barrier

Posted on: 21 Jul 2015

It’s been a while since we brought you a project update relating to the grounds maintenance works Oakleigh Manor Horticultural Services are carrying out at the Thames Barrier Complex in conjunction with the Environment Agency. In fact, this is the first one since the middle of May! So for that, we do apologise! As you […]