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Automated Entrance Gates, installed at Maidstone, Kent

Posted on: 21 Oct 2013

Gates, Posts & Automation system recently installed near Maidstone Kent For more information of our Automated Gates select that category from the drop down menu when you hover over the “services” tab at the top of the page.  

Why plant native trees in the garden

Posted on: 20 Oct 2013

Why native trees? ‘Native’ means that these trees are ‘at home’ in Britain: they’ve grown here for thousands of years! So if you live in the UK, plant these trees because they help native insects and other animals to survive. 10 trees you should plant in your garden Alder, Alnus glutinosa A quick-growing, nitrogen-fixing, insect-harbouring, bird-loving […]

SUDs (Sustainable urban drainage systems) at Oakleigh Manor

Posted on: 20 Oct 2013

Drainage design and sustainable drainage systems from Oakleigh Manor The Environment Agency and planners heavily promote the concepts of source control and sustainable drainage. In 2007, the goverment brought into planning law, any new driveway surface or front garden paved surface has to be paved with a Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) surface. Oakleigh Manor’s range […]

New Car Barn Project, Near Faversham, Kent

Posted on: 19 Oct 2013

This new Car Barn project started this week, near to base at Faversham, Kent. The new building is a 3 Bay Car Barn with a Lean-Too side Log Store built in over a hipped & Cat slide roof. Mark, the Groundwork Manager has set out site and excavated the outer ring foundations, removing approximately 55 […]

Driveway project in Meopham, Kent – September Rain!

Posted on: 10 Sep 2013

Driveway project update: Day 4 Project Type: Driveway Design: Sketch type by Stuart Barten Expected Duration: 14 Days Update Details: Day 2 on Thursday was 29 degrees, Day 4 Monday pouring down and 13 degrees. We guess Summer becomes Autumn pretty quick. The groundwork team are nearly there, the excavation process has been quite time […]

Resin Bound Gravel Driveway in Cambridge

Posted on: 09 Sep 2013

Another Resin Bound Gravel Driveway project – September 2013 Project Type: Driveway Duration: 1 Day Project Details: This project is just a simple surface installation carried out for our client in Cambridge. After several years of hard work, our clients have been busy landscaping their own property and we have installed the new surface onto […]

Landscaping project at Sevenoaks, Kent – Phase 1 complete

Posted on: 09 Sep 2013

Phase 1 is now complete at this project in Sevenoaks, Kent. Works commenced in April 2013 which involved all rear garden areas including all hard-landscaping works, lawn areas, planting bed preparation and lighting works are complete. The next phase will be the hardscape works within the front garden and driveway areas which are on hold […]

New Driveway & Landscaping project in Meopham, Kent

Posted on: 06 Sep 2013

New Driveway project commences – September 2013 Project Type: Driveway Design: Sketch Type by Stuart Barten Expected Duration: 14 Days Project Details: This Driveway design & build project has commenced this week, the groundwork teams are currently excavating the old driveway surfaces, It looks like a bomb has landed. The project involves the installation of […]

Garden Design & Landscape project near Maidstone

Posted on: 06 Sep 2013

This new garden design & build project has commenced, the groundwork teams are making good progress. The project involves the redesign of the entire garden,which is a beautiful, newly renovated house, nestled within an established wooded area just outside Maidstone. The garden is a little overgrown and with unwanted vegetation spoil plies leftover from major […]

Resin Bound Gravel Project in London

Posted on: 31 Aug 2013

After 2 weeks of hard work, one of the teams have just completed this new driveway scheme in central London. Within the first week, the 70-75 tons of spoil was excavated removed from the old driveway to create enough depth for the new porous base layers of the new driveway. An oval shaped central planting bed […]