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Low-Maintenance Garden Ideas for a Higher Value Property

Isn’t it ideal to have a garden you spend less time taking care of and more time relaxing in? Ask any garden designer in Kent and they’ll tell you that striking a balance between aesthetic value and functionality is the key to creating a garden you’d love to spend time in. The catch, however, is that the […]


February 22, 2019

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Driveway Design: How to Boost Your Property’s Curb Appeal

A driveway isn’t only meant to accommodate a vehicle or two. A driveway is the introduction to your property. Its design influences the initial impressions of guests and people who walk by your house. If you plan to sell your home in the future, the driveway is also the first thing potential buyers see; a […]


February 1, 2019

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Landscape Design Trend for 2019: Adding Structures to Your Garden

With its gorgeous flower beds and lush greenery, your garden adds a breath of fresh air to your property. It gives you pleasure when you spend time outdoors and lovely views when you peek from the windows. You’ll want to maintain or continually improve its beauty, especially with the New Year. If you’re looking to […]


January 9, 2019

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Garden Path Ideas for Different Garden Styles

A garden path does not only serve us by giving us something to walk on. The design and feel of a path set the mood of the environment, affecting how we experience our surroundings. It can be used to lead the eyes to the focal point of a landscape or utilised to create a break […]


November 20, 2017