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  • Three-Bay-Car-Barn
    Three Bay Car Barn
    Installed in Yalding, Kent
  • Three-Bay-Car-Barn-with-1st-Floor-Offices
    Two Bay Car Barn with 1st Floor Offices
    Recently installed in Kent
  • Two-Bay-Car-Barn-&-1st-Floor-Office
    Two Bay Car Barn & 1st Floor Office
    Recently installed in Thanet, Kent
  • Two Bay-Car Barn
    Two Bay Car Barn
    Recently installed in Kent
  • Three-Bay-Cart-Lodge-with-log-store
    Three Bay Cart Lodge with Log Store
    Recently installed in Kent
  • Oak-framed-car-barns-in-Kent-London-Essex-Sussex-Surrey
    Attention to Detail
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Oak Framed Car Barns | Cart Lodges | Garages
Throughout Kent, London, Essex, Surrey & Sussex

Welcome to Oakleigh Manor’s Oak Framed Car Barns Team…

We install beautiful Oak Framed Car Barns & Cart Lodges, for homeowners or commercial clients. We can supply kit form frames for you to erect, or we can install the entire building, starting from foundations up to light fittings. Call our team on 08000 231 310 to discuss your requirements today…..


Our beautiful Car Barns range from a one, two, three & four bay configuration, with a roof ridge height of 3.99m to suit permitted development, avoiding full planning requirements, subject to your location and local authority regulations. 

We not only supply the frames, we install the entire structure, including groundwork, foundations, brickwork, roofing, electrics, doors (if required) together with any internal finishes.


Traditional Oak Joinery Design

Oak is an incredibly strong and beautiful material which has been used for centuries within construction. Oak joinery has unique tried and tested joinery methods, apparent with all our car barns, our frames are traditionally jointed using mortice & Tenon, pegged with genuine replicating centuries of traditional methods, adding to their timeless beauty, making them a fantastic asset to any home.


Oakleigh’s Heavy Oak Frames

Our Oak frames are typically formed in 7″ (175mm) wide Oak Beams, using 7″ x 7″ Beams for the Top Plates and Vertical Posts, 7″ x 4″ Oak Beams for the Sole Plates, making our frames thicker, stronger and visually more substantial than many of our competitors.

Site Installations

Here at Oakleigh we offer a one stop process to install your new car barn. Our Installation teams will take care of everything involved within the process, including groundwork, drainage, foundations, brickwork, roofing, electrics & automated doors. Oakleigh’s installations are fully project managed, scheduled and carried out to high levels of craftsmanship, satisfying Building Control and Local Authority Regulations.

Current projects at Oakleigh Manor (all types)

If you would like more information about our Car Barns, simply complete an Enquiry form, one of our team will contact you asap.

Car Barn specification options

No of Bays & Sizes

o Single Bay Garage Footprint size: 4.05m wide x 5.5m deep x 3.99m high

(Within Permitted development – subject to location)

o Two Bay Garage Footprint size:  6.675 wide x 5.5 deep x 3.99m high

(Within Permitted development – subject to location)

o Three Bay Garage Footprint size: 9.9m wide x 5.5m deep x 3.99m high

(Within Permitted development – subject to location)

o Four Bay Garage Footprint size: 13.125m x wide x 5.5m deep x 3.99m

(Within Permitted development – subject to location)

Bespoke sizes are available if you require a more spacious internal area for comfortable parking or door opening

Roof Design

o Central ridge running full width of building with two gable ends
o Central ridge with full hips at both ends
o Central ridge with full hip at one end
o Central ridge with kent hips at both ends
o Ridge with cat slide roof

Roof tiles

All roofs are weathered with a breathable geotextile membrane then covered with the following options:
o Traditional Cedar Shingles (Recommended)
o Traditional Clay Tiles
o Black Slate

External Walls

o Green Oak weatherboard 175mm x 25mm (Recommended)
o Pressure Treated Softwood weatherboard 175mm x 25mm – neutral green
o PT Softwood 175mm x 25mm weatherboard – painted black, Sadolin treatment)


o Natural Sandstone Flags (Recommended)
o Granite Flags
o Resin Bound Gravel
o Brush finished Concrete


All doors are optional and do not come as standard
o Ledge & Brace Pressure treated Softwood Doors
o Ledge & Brace Seasoned Oak Doors
All our door options come as Eco Efficient Double Glazed Units


o Eco efficient strip flourecent, 1.8m, 1 fitting per bay
o PIR controlled
o External PIR Security Lights
o External Eco efficient LED Building Uplighters

Gutter & Downpipes

o Black Cast Iron
o Aluminium
o Black UPVC


10 reasons why Oakleigh’s Car Barns stand out from the rest….

1. Heavy Oak Frames & Traditional Oak Joinery Methods….
2. Stunning Building Design & Timeless Beauty….
3. Full in-house Installation service – one stop shop….
4. Fixed Price Installations….
5. Car Barns with Guarantees to protect your investment….
6. Bespoke building design and construction available….
7. Project Managed Installations – On time – On budget…..
8. An asset to your home for centuries….
9. Buildings to suit Permitted Development….
10. Installations with Kent, Essex, London, Sussex & Surrey

Why Oakleigh Manor

In-house Site Teams

Our build teams install Car Barns, Cart Lodges & Garages, including groundwork, foundations, brick support walls, frame, cladding, roof systems, internal walls, insulation and electrics, thus keeping the whole construction in-house without multi sub-contractors, ensuring precise project management, impeccable quality and exacting budgetary control.

Genuine Oak Frames

Unlike many of our larger competitors, our buildings are built with Genuine hand crafted Oak frames, not only the visible front posts. We use traditional Mortice, Tenon & Oak Pegged Jointing, curved bracing beams, Jowel posts and often specify larger/thicker beams, all traditionally finished with an beautiful un-machined finish.

Attention to Detail

All buildings are built impeccable high standards with outstanding attention to detail. We have accumulated national awards for our build quality and craftsmanship which pay testament to our quest for continuous high quality service, product and aftercare.


Three Bay Car Barn, Installed Sept 2014

If you are thinking about having a new Oak Framed Building, you can call one of our designers, freephone on 0800 023 1310, or click here & complete our enquiry process. Our designers will provide free advise and guidance about your building design, planning and actual build options.

Oakleigh Manor’s heavy Oak frames

Traditional framing methods

Car-Barn-Oak-frame-joint-Design-Planning Kent-London-Essex

Draw dowelled & Pegged Tenon Brace

Compare our specifications with our larger compeditors, our frames are traditionally jointed using mortice & Tenon, pegged with genuine replicating centuries of traditional, tried and tested methods.  Many and even our largest compeditors use frames bolted together, something you wont find in one of our buildings.
Heavy Oak Frames (all the frame)

Firstly, our building frames are made solely of Oak, unlike many of our compeditors who use inferior timber types within the rear (less visual) areas of the building

We also use larger and thicker beams, the way Oak construction should be formed. You will often find our frame specifications show thicker vertical posts, sole plates and top plates than even our largest compeditors.

If you are planning to install a new Oak framed Garage or Building, we will arrange free of charge, 1 hour Initial site meeting with one of our designers to view the area and discuss your requirements in more detail. Once the meeting is complete, we will process fixed fee quotations both design and the construction, together with booking lead times & works durations.