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The garden is a sacred place. Well, it can be. But many a garden design in Chatham is a rather chaotic mixture of plants and outdoor furnishings that were thrown together by the homeowner in an attempt to make their outdoor space more appealing. If that just about sums your experience up there’s no shame in admitting that your garden is not how you had envisioned. The perfect garden design takes knowledge, a lot of planning and the vision to see past what’s currently there. At Oakleigh Manor, we’ve made it our business to perfect those skills over the last 20 years.

A Team Specialising in Garden Design in Chatham that Listens

All contractors should listen to their clients, but many don’t. At Oakleigh Manor, we make it a priority to do just that. Many of our clients that contact us already have a fairly clear vision of the garden space that they would like to have, so it’d be foolish not to take that into account. While some of the details may need to be adjusted, that vision often serves as the foundation of the garden design that is ultimately implemented, and that makes it even more special for the client.

By listening we come to understand what makes you tick, the goals that you have for your garden and the things that bring you joy. Once we have this information, we can really start to use our expertise to hone in on the options that are likely to resonate with you the most.

Why Work with Oakleigh Manor

Apart from our ability to listen to our clients, there are a number of other good reasons to entrust your garden design in Chatham to Oakleigh Manor. These include:

  • Commitment to Quality – We don’t do “standard” or “run-of-the-mill” garden design. We only take on a job if we believe that our team is going to be able to deliver an end result that you will love. We are fully committed to our work and strive for excellence every time.
  • Vast Experience – Our experience and our reputation has taken time to build. We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and have won numerous awards. Our team of garden designers is one of the most experienced in the whole of the South East.
  • Personalised Service – Our focus is not on completing as many jobs as we can. We offer a bespoke service and the garden design that you end up with will be fully personalised with the goal of extracting the maximum potential of the space you have available.

Start Your Journey to a Better Garden Today

Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor will your dream garden be. But you can take the first step on that journey today by picking up the phone and calling our team on 0800 023 1310.

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