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Situated in a valley carved out by the River Darent, a tributary of the River Thames, Dartford has a long and colourful history, having once been a flourishing market town in the Middle Ages. Before that, it was settled by the Romans, thanks to its strategic importance as a main crossing point on the Thames. In the 19th and early 20th century, Dartford was a heavily industrialised area but today, as many of these industries have disappeared and been replaced by retail developments, it has become something of a shopping Mecca for residents of Kent. Oakleigh Manor has been active in the area for some time, providing local residents and commercial organisations with a range of garden design and landscaping services.

We offer a professional and competitively priced service for garden design in Dartford and the surrounding area, for both commercial and domestic properties. Whether you would just like to change a few things around or you are looking for a team that can re-imagine your garden completely, Oakleigh Manor is the company to call. We have helped many people in Dartford to transform their outdoor spaces over the last few years and we are looking forward to helping many more in the future.

Functional and Beautiful Garden Design in Dartford

In order to create the perfect garden design, it’s important to consider both form and functionality. In other words, you need to make sure that your new garden is not just pleasing to the eye but practical too. If, for example, you often like to entertain friends and family during the summer months, you’re probably going to want a generously proportioned patio area where you can barbeque to your heart’s content. If you enjoy a daily swim, a pool could be an excellent addition to your garden. Whatever your needs and preferences, we have the knowledge and expertise to create a new garden for you that is both beautiful and eminently practical. A garden that you will enjoy spending time in whenever you have a moment to yourself.

What Makes Our Garden Design in Dartford Special?

Our approach to garden design differs from that of our nearest competitors in several important ways:

  • Flexibility – Our primary aim is to ensure you end up with the perfect garden. Everything else is secondary. With this in mind, we are always willing to adapt our services to meet your specific requirements.
  • Complete Service – Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, we’re able to offer a comprehensive garden design and construction service in Dartford, including landscaping, hardscaping and more besides.
  • Competitive Rates – We are always willing to modify a design to ensure we’re able to complete it within our customer’s desired budget.

If you would like to find out more about our garden design services, please feel free to call or email us right now.

Beautiful and Practical Garden Design in Dartford

Our main priority when starting a new garden design, is to make sure that our plans include all the features our client has asked for but there are other considerations we also take into account. We create garden designs that not only look fantastic and provide clients with the amenities they desire, but are easy to keep in excellent condition, year after year. It’s important to us that your new garden continues to give you great pleasure for many years into the future, and this is only possible when we follow a design that is as practical as it is beautiful.

Flexible Garden Design in Dartford

Whatever you want, we’ll incorporate it into your new garden design. Our team includes skilled tradespeople who can handle not just landscaping and planting, but construction work, irrigation and electrical services as well. This means that we’re able to create very special and unique outdoor spaces, without having to hire third-party contractors to help us. Because we can take care of all the work ourselves, we are able to guarantee superb results every time and can include outdoor structures and features that other garden design teams may not be able to handle.

Whatever type of garden you would like us to design for you in Dartford, we look forward to working with you in the very near future.

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